Simone Domahs

This is the claim by a Simone Domahs. Accordingly, she carefully selects her clients. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out 15 Percent Pledge. A sense of the needs of the customers in addition to health-conscious thought; also the ability to feel in the customers into requires an understanding of human anatomy, clinical studies and professional backgrounds. A retiree who wants to stay vital and fit, has different needs than a forty-something who wants to protect themselves with a relaxation therapy from burnout. Everything revolves around the question: what kind of problem the prospect at night keeps up? To detect the deepest needs of the customers and to attract in the text, to stimulate the senses and the mind, gently to lead to the solution of the problem all that requires lots of research, empathy and experience.

To meet the appropriate tone of the individual reader and convincingly to lead him to the right decision Simone Domahs this great challenge arises every day. With success. After successful projects in the area of food supplements, alternative medicine, care management and anesthesia Simone Domahs expands now continue their know-how in the field of health. Nursing homes/care services, health specialist publishers, (online) can shop for natural products and supplements, alternative therapy centers, doctors or naturopaths now secure spare capacity from July 2013 at sales copywriter of Simone Domahs. Contact: Simo advertising Simone Domahs low page 32 01640 Coswig Simone Domahs works after many years of sales experience and a profound copywriter training since 2008 selling songwriter. As owner of Simo advertising, she designs for nationwide businesses sale texts – including for the health care sector. Simone Domahs is an active member of PROFITEXTER.NET(T) the nationwide network of professional copywriter.

Jacques Frese

Noble photos, Studio recording, which showed in their Sonntagskleidern the person, sometimes whole families, Ed the cards now. The coat of arms of the families later logos of the companies which belonged to the cardholders or for which they were hired, decorate the cards. Also in today’s Google age, the card plays an important role in the world of business and individuals. The Atelier Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf has adopted this clientele. People, the deal not with the simple, satisfied with the everyday. These people know how important it is in this day and age of globalization, to present himself and his company as something very special. Jaques Frese, the founder of the company Frese stainless design, knew this even 60 years ago.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. However, the business card is the frame belonging to the mirror. Swarmed by offers, Puma is currently assessing future choices. So complete is the unique personality, a successful person required. “, Frese. This statement stresses the importance of a well designed business card. The company Frese stainless design is committed to this movement since its inception.

In the past, business cards had a special size. Today, almost all sizes are possible. For more information see this site: Ubisoft. The printed matter by Frese stainless design, especially in the area of business cards, have can maintain their class and their style. The special is including the printing process. The customer sees not only the elegant typeface and a noble design, he can actually feel it. Beautiful and professional business cards are the hallmark of a successful people. “, has always been the motto of Jacques Frese. Business cards of the company Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf in the pockets of the most successful people are now worldwide at home. Their business cards serve as representative utensil which may be missing in any event.

Central Russia

The material is permeable to air and water, protects plants from light night frost (up to -3-4 C) and cold fogs. Canvas creates a favorable microclimate and increases during the growing season. The material has high durability, comes with a UV stabilizer. Period of operation in Central Russia – Season 3. Mulch Spunbond density of 60 g / m (black) is designed to protect the soil from weeds (mulching).

In contrast to the sheltered, in the mulch spunbond has a special pigment that colors the canvas in black (so called "black spunbond"). As a rule, it has more than a covering, the surface density – 40-60 g/m2. Use as mulch material spunbond enables: reduce the rate of irrigation and evaporation of moisture from soil; ensure rapid heating of the soil and permanently maintain the required temperature; prevent contamination of fruits and berries, the formation of mold and mildew on the soil and plants; limit the growth of weeds, including years; reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides. The soil under the mulch of spunbond is not compacted, staying loose during the growing season of plants, without additional processing. Through porosity of the material, it is easy to pass water and liquid fertilizer. "Black" spunbond, remain on the ground in winter, fairly protects the roots from freezing. Thanks to a black color cloth absorbs heat radiation, which promotes a good warm-soil. It is very important for growing heat-loving plants such as melons, early vegetables and berries.

Bodybuilding Magazines

1 Bodybuilding magazines are actually drugs programs tell you to train hard, but do hard training impossible suggesting they become 12 to 24 repetitions by the body. Muscles with this type of routine can only be obtained if you use drugs to accelerate his recovery. 2 Supplements are only necessary if you have reached 90% of your training, nutrition and lifestyle. Even if you are using supplements at that point, do not expect miracles, they will only make a 1-2% difference in gain muscle mass and increase strength. Go to New York Life for more information. 3. Your only body can manufacture of 1 to 2 pounds of muscle per month, resulting in extra storage for glycogen and water, so it only can win 3 to 4 pounds of muscle per month. It is psychologically impossible (without using drugs) get more than 20 pounds of hard muscle like rock throughout a year. Something different from what the magazines tell you right? 4.

Most of the skinny men are being guided by physicists bodybuilders, magazines and websites that them promote types with impressive genetics. You should not take tips types who have very different to yours genes or of a type that does not have the same structure of the body or the same metabolism. Do it would take tips to increase the musculature of a type that he inherited a fortune? You take advice from a guy who won the lottery? No! Then do this why you taking advice from great genetics types and those who use steroids? Between here. culturismosintonterias. NET to learn about the history of transformation of the skinny Vinny as they used to call it in school, the book, routines, meal plans and a video that will give you the best body you’ve ever had. Bodybuilding magazines are actually drugs Joel Gonzalez programs, expert in health and writer of the Blog. blogspot. com / where you will find all the related with health and beauty, as well as also current news, Tips, will among many things that help you to stay healthy and look radiant Blogs related Genes Yield Clues to Ulcerative Colitis Agua Bendita got 35.2 % in Mega Manila! Why Not Coconut!

Specialized Advertising

To date, there are many different ways to advertise their goods and services. But noted that the greatest effect has advertising that is aimed at a target audience. For companies, positioning in the market, as manufacturers of advertising products and services, it will be better to place their proposals and image modules on the media, the audience of which are potential customers. One of the most effective ways of advertising is now a part in exhibitions. (Similarly see: MetLife). Some experts argue that participation in the exhibition gives the maximum return on investment in promotion funds.

Strong Enough the visual effect of successful design of the stand of your company at a specialized exhibition may continue for several months. For even more details, read what Dalton Caldwell says on the issue. Specialized exhibition – a place where large numbers of accumulated interested in your services consumers. Almost 100% Audience these exhibitions – the target. In the near future in Russia will host a series of specialized exhibitions dedicated to the advertising business. We offer comparative analysis of participation in them. 'Advertising Festival – 2008' will be held from 3 to 5 September 2008 in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Intended audience – they are representatives of leading industrial enterprises of the Volga and Ural federal districts. This region contains a large number of industries a wide range of focus. There is a huge sector of oil and gas industry, machine building, food production. Therefore, participation in this exhibition will be sufficiently productive to advertising firms from different regions. It can bring new contacts and business connections.


Compact and easy-to-read this book offers entrepreneurs and small, medium-sized and large companies in all industries a wealth of suggestions, tips, useful checklists and many examples high practical value. The reader learns how the management process of referral marketing works, how to use appropriate action programmes of mouth and recommendation business quickly and systematically stimulate let as references and networks can be enabled and used and how new forms of recommendation marketing 2.0 work. One thing is certain: the strategic targeting of active positive referrers is the most affordable and at the same time most promising sales growth program of all time. Anne M. Schuller future trend referral marketing the best sales accelerator of ever 3rd Edition, BusinessVillage 2009 135 pages, ill. Illustrations ISBN 978-3-938358-63-4 is 21.80 Euro eb-753_Zukunftstrend-recommendation marketing.-3. Auflage.html the Author Anne M.

Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. She has worked over 20 years in senior sales and marketing positions of various service sectors and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best business speakers in the German-speaking world. She works as consultant and trainer and has taught at several universities. The elite of the business is among its clientele. More info: via BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications to the topic range success & career find Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts, employees and Manager. Might you be interested in articles or interviews with our authors press inquiries? We like to make a contact. You can also request Review copies, product images and snippets of text.

Mediumsized Businesses Relies

A recent study shows: medium-sized companies rely more on PR than on traditional advertising. Hancock consulting advises management now with PR to start and gives tips to successful PR work. The recent study by the University of Wurzburg shows: Management Public Relations are more important than traditional advertising. PR achieved the highest score in the categories of importance and credibility. The sales promotion, then the direct communication follows on place two. The classic advertising stands in fourth place. Tail light is sponsoring. Hancock consulting advises to start management with PR work and gives some tips for the successful PR work.

Time for spring cleaning! Especially medium-sized companies should try a new cleaner, to give new shine their company. This cleaning is called Public Relations\”. It puts companies in a whole new light and increases awareness. Just companies use PR, with over 200 employees already on the market known to become, according to the study of the University Wurzburg. Because Public Relations offer many advantages. They are not only cheaper, but also more credible and more effective than traditional advertising. Medium-sized companies should now seize their chance.

You can either hire a PR Agency, or become active. Using this checklist, the launch medium-sized companies succeed easier, faster, and easier. Also, you can also use this list to verify the success of your PR Agency. If all questions are answered positively, is the PR in a good way! 1. is the PR strategy unique? The stronger companies from the competition stand out, the better. Especially medium-sized companies should see exciting PR campaigns to seize the opportunities and guerrilla season it with a pinch of. You should make her products to the fore but caution: PR has nothing to do with advertising! Stay away from plate slogans. It comes to highlight the benefits of the products for the customer. Ratings remain sidelined.

Storytelling For Copywriting

Text training from the 9th-10th April in Berlin advertising copy reads anyway! Says your colleague. Most of it is bullshit anyway, says your ego. You write or assess product, advertising and sales? You want that your brochures, newsletters, emails, ads or letters be read again? 90 percent of the German advertising texts are bullshit lyrics are peppered with phrases, phrases and words, additionally enriched with cliches and jargon. The structure of the text is problematic and illogical. Promise and Embassy are unintelligible, vague and unconvincing. The design remains clueless. End of the history of advertising that is the desired effect of advertising copy maybe the beginning of something big is rarely achieved today.

Bullshit Bingo is a creative technique that is used to find phrases, words, and phrases. The game tests the extent of pollution of the text and offers solutions for new formulations. Story is good text tells a story. Dramatic advertising texts be better read and better remembered. The story meets the Buying motives of the target group and increases the fascination of the brand.

The story becomes the means of transport for the advertising message. Concrete, vivid and emotional slogans are a sales advantage. Good cheatsheet is an image enhancement. Tell and touch, rather than describe and explain is a way out of the crisis of the text. The drama works In the text practice storytelling for copywriting, you improve your writing style and your style customer. This opens up new text course. You will learn how to write a gripping story in the headline and the body text. Design story approach and text structure. You effect through dramatic design and invent new text perspectives. Improve the reasoning and plausibility of your stories. If you do not want to write or to the two-day training helps you evaluating texts. You get decisions and arguments and learn what matters in writing and assessing product, promotional and sales texts. Find solutions for the presentation of the text composition. Here you should check out twice find: corporate marketing and product management sales, sales promotion or promotional press and public relations advertising agency consultant copywriter and author editor Grafiker-and designer happy ending the two-day training gives you style customer, dramaturgy and creative techniques for effective copywriting. The training contents serve all industries and types of text, print and online. We will systematically guide you to the storytelling. Caution! The number of participants is limited to 12 people. In the training, product, advertising, and sales texts can be analyzed if you submit work samples in advance. In addition, you can work out your own copywriting training. For that, you get the briefing form with the confirmation of registration. Storytelling for copywriting, 9-10 April, Berlin. The price is 1.200,00 plus 19% VAT The training respectively will start at 9:00 and ends against 17:00. Her coach is Dr. phil. Albert Heiser.