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Photographer Mayra Martell

NXEL GROVE photographer Mayra Martell reconstructs the life of the missing women. Natural of the city, it began in 2005 to portray the empty places by feminicidio. " The same society is the one in charge of to have turned to Jurez in one of the devastating places but for vivir" , it says. In the mirror of the humble quarter, Erika Cheek stuck a note, one of those lists of desires, intimate objectives that allow you to continue living. Intel may not feel the same. The list, stuck to the crystal with four pieces of tape, written with good letter and without misspelling, calls " Goals short and long term ". Erika enunciates the eagerness of a girl of 19 years: " To enter swimming. To work hard to pay the inscription in the school () To paint the house in September.

To buy the chairs of the dining room. To buy shoes to me. To read Plato. To speak and to be likeable with gente". The 11 of December of 2000 Erika disappeared.

She is one of the victims of feminicidio of Jurez City, but its case has not happened to thicken the count of dead (more than thousands in the last fourteen years, according to some sources). As the body of Erika has not been found, its case has happened to thicken the one of children, young people and women – of between 10 and 35 years that disappear. From 2008, they go more than one hundred. " Erika would right now have the same age that I. We would have been amigas" Photographer Mayra Martell was born the same year that Erika (1981). When it entered 2005 in house of the missing person to initiate what then era only a rising project – to document the emptiness, the memory and the tragedy felt that one was not going to be a work more.

Norway Economy

Jens Stoltenberg makes a call to the entereza. The high-priority thing is " to comfort and asistir" to the victims, and later the police action in the attacks will be evaluated. The critics to the security forces grow. Norwegian prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, reiterated east Wednesday his call to the entereza, convinced that Norway " doblegar&quot will not be left; by the attempted double that caused 76 deads, and it promised to analyze the criticized reaction of the police. The high-priority thing before " tragedy nacional" lowered on Norway he is " to comfort and asistir" to the victims, it affirmed the j of the Social-Democratic Government, in appearance before average foreigners.

Later, it will be come to " to analyze in depth the reaction of the security forces before crisis" , guaranteed prime minister. Stoltenberg thus left to the passage to the crescents critics on the action the police after the attack the governmental complex Oslo, in which eight people died, followed of the shooting of the island of Utya, with 68 victims mortals. Budgetary cuts In means jump day to day a dripping of information that go of cuts of budgetary games (that the use of a helicopter would have prevented to stop before to Anders Behring Breivik) or coordination failures, as well as laborious corrections in the number of victims, since some corpses were counted twice. Against that situation, and while from his government it is continued endorsing the police action, Stoltenberg it appealed to a return to normality, since the answer from Norway to " brutal violencia" it will continue being dnsa of " the freedom, the opening, the tolerance and democracia". After being thankful for the solidarity samples " arrivals of all parts of the world and " of each corner of ours pas" , prime minister added that the challenge at the moment of " incommensurable dolor" he is to find a way " between the sadness and esperanza".

Source Students

From time to time the cronistas we make count than we took writing during years. Before we looked for in the drawers, now we watched in the file of the hard disk. For more information see this site: Mark Bertolini. Certain it is that the words, in the computer, do not lose brightness nor the pages in time come off that so own scent the paper, but is something in the phrases of the past that do not resist the years with dignity. When by a change, to make space, or by the legitimate vanity to publish chronicles in a book, we put ourselves to the task of reviewing old woman texts of press, we must face the idea that a 20% will only be already of general interest. Hemerotecas have his mice – students, students, but when she is to arrive at that public who enters a bookstore to buy a book, is necessary to accept that not everything what one writes here is imperishable.

General Treasury

In the last five years the supposed company had contracted 81 people. The false industralist received 300 Euros by person by documents; the investigation has been developed in Albacete, Almeria, Murcia, Jan and Alicante. The total amount of the fraud, according to a note of the Police, ascends to 440,000 Euros of fraud to the Public Service of State Use. The National Police has stopped a supposed industralist who realised false contracts of work to accede to subsidies by unemployment. The investigation, that has been carried out in Albacete, Almeria, Murcia, Jan and Alicante, has concluded with the arrest of other 64 people, defendant of presumed crimes of tributary fraud and falsification. The false industralist received 300 Euros by person labor dispatch a document, besides the monthly payments to the Social Security that never entered the General Treasury. Also he contracted foreign citizens, previous payment of amounts that oscillated between the 250 and 300 Euros, to regularize his situation. In the last five years the supposed one company had contracted 81 people; the positions were varied: personnel of cleaning of offices and hotels, laborer of construction of buildings, encofradores, ferrallistas, etc. The total amount of the fraud, according to a note of the Police, ascends to 440,000 Euros. There are 22 people stopped in Albacete; 11 in Helln (Albacete); 7 in Side (Almeria); other 3 in Calasparra (Murcia); 1 in Cieza (Murcia); 2 in the locality of Culvert (Murcia); 1 in Totana (Murcia); 3 in You see of Safe (Jan); 3 in Linares (Jan); 6 in Novelda (Alicante), and 5 in Elche (Alicante). Source of the news: Stopped a supposed industralist who realised false contracts to receive subsidies