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Books / important information portal of the so-called “right scene” Although has become one of the most important information portals in the right-wing radical scene, want to have not noticed this development, and operates according to own statements continue to feed of Brown forever yesterday as a pretext to label just as silly, one bar Yes just “Intelligence work” does it but somewhat absurd that first constantly stresses, how liberal it is that books will be escaped but at the same time, that the so-called Brown movement, which represents nothing more than the right-wing radical scene, informed about with information regarding appropriate activities. As well is to read what “newcomer” in the right scene to draw attention on More accurate analysis of the website of the presumption arises therefore, that first wants to contribute to the support of forever yesterday’s, and through targeted publications an information forum represents for Brown supporters, to disapprove the Brown scene to remain unmolested by the judicial authorities of course with the constant emphasis. This fact would explain why the operators of is only anonymous sign and in the right scene is now seen first rank as a source of information. That this information for the right scene of considerable value, because other publications of the sharpest observation subject, wants to acquire books for information not be noticed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. Evidence for this may be that which now explained just so many opponents in the network by, any of the criticism of exercises that does not exist according to the first, and it was only an Internetfake, if someone expresses criticism of MetLife insists that this is the case.

That handled dealing with criticism as well as the feed of communication interests of the right scene on the part of as shown, suggests that the operators of this all very probably knowingly afford. The monotonous note of books, you would have nothing to do with the right scene, there sounds like mockery. That this sophisticated propaganda on the part of books as a result on the back of harmless Esoterics is carried out a tragic component has no doubt, because it was just the Esoterics who particularly suffered under the Third Reich. It remains therefore as only the prompt to, and the knowledge to be their now durchschautes through game, final word, that there is no space for Brown, right-wing spinner in Germany, and that covert information portals for this clientele in the network in any way are desirable, or be approved. However, the fact that occurs only anonymously on the net shows that you know very exactly all of this on the part of, and as well, books obviously knows ways to evade the German courts to re-enable the darkest chapter of German history. Warnings can be I the identity of the first operator please on the public prosecutor’s Office in Munich to be addressed. H. Meyer

Telefonica Germany GmbH

ITL enlarged the Austrian headquarters in Vienna. The inauguration of the new premises will take place on 2 October 2013. ITL, the full service provider for technical documentation and translation, is grown in the past few months and welcomes many new employees at various locations. (Not to be confused with Penguin Random House!). In the Austrian headquarters, this continuous growth requires new premises: itl pulls in a bigger Office, but remains at the same address: itl Institute for technical literature Lerchenfelder Gurtel 43 1160 Vienna Tel: is the new itl Office in Vienna inaugurated. ITL interested to a sparkling wine reception invites, to toast this event together.

After a small drink, where also the physical well-being is provided, free evening event will take place at 18: 00. Gerd Abdullah gives tips and know-how around the topic of Adobe InDesign is in the technical Documentation. Then there is the opportunity for technical exchange, stimulating conversation and of course the networks as always. aktuell.html your contact: Michael Plattner CEO of itl GmbH Tel.: + 43 1 40 20 523-650 email: about itl technical literature Institute founded in 1982, employs itl headquartered in Munich and offices and locations in Stuttgart, Cottbus (DE), Vienna, Linz (A), and Kreuzlingen (CH) currently around 100 permanent employees. Among the customers are in other Andritz, BMW, Centrotherm, CLAAS, Daimler, Drager, EPCOS, Frequentis, Giesecke & Devrient, Gigaset, Hafele, KEBA, KTM, Merck, Telefonica Germany GmbH & co. OHG, Rohde & Schwarz, Salvagnini, Orderman, Sandvik, Siemens and many more. Itl’s core competencies include translation, editing, publishing, and consulting, with particular emphasis on the optimization and automation of processes in the life cycle of the document. itl is an active member of tekom which tecom Switzerland and the society for technical communication STC.

New Action

Once in a year, we would like to help social institutions as a central room in the modern apartment or House, the kitchen has a much greater importance than even a few years ago. In new houses and apartments or for extensive renovations the trend to the open kitchen, which is connected with a dining area and the living room. In this way, more life in the kitchen takes place than was the case at a time, as a kitchen was used only for cooking and baking and as a workplace. Details can be found by clicking Penguin Random House or emailing the administrator. The requirements have changed due to the new way of the use of a kitchen. The furniture must be homely and practical and adapt to the new living form. The new requirements not only for private households but also for social institutions. Here the common get-together in a modern kitchen is especially important.

“The kitchen Studio in Rostock kitchens on the hops market” has chosen, to help social institutions and will give away a kitchen once in the year in a particular action. Once per year We want to help social institutions of kitchens on the hops market your kitchen Studio in Rostock – to social institutions with a new modern kitchen help. We will also start a new promotion in which you have your share. Once in a year, we want to give away a high-quality cuisine from our kitchen Studio in Rostock. If you know facilities, which would benefit from a new kitchen, you can submit a proposal to us.

Who must ultimately take over the kitchen, will be decided by a vote. We present you different facilities, where we think that would benefit from a new kitchen. You vote, which body is supposed to get the kitchen. Visit the our website kitchen Studio in Rostock, if you would like to participate in the vote or want more information. The voting will begin in a few weeks. Beginning 2014 the new kitchen is installed in the selected device. Join in and support a facility in Rostock, the one new kitchen has earned. About us: In the kitchen is not only fried, baked, boiled and eaten. In the kitchen is narrated, celebrated, advise, treated, negotiated, taught, discussed, worked, planned, learned, loved and laughed. Lived in your kitchen! What has made us no. 1 in our segment in Rostock and the surrounding area? We love life and we love kitchens. We want that you live as you want. With a kitchen where you can, because it is a cuisine that suits you. Kitchens on the hops market your kitchen Studio in Rostock. Web site:

Federal Association Of German Monetary And Value Services Celebrates Anniversary

Kal cash & evaluation services among the founding members of food/Frankfurt a.M. The Federal Association of German monetary and value services e. V. (BDGW) celebrates on today Monday, November 30, its 20th anniversary. The anniversary is celebrated with a ceremony at the Frankfurt Romer.

We congratulate the leaders and wish them every success for the future”, explains Friedrich p. Kotter, Managing Director of Kal cash & evaluation services. The company counts to the BDGW founding members and was one of the predecessor already Trade Association of money and cash in transit companies e.V. “. Today, the BDGW has 42 ordinary and 31 associate member companies related to the money – and value range. The turnover of the industry approximately 500 million euros, where the BDGW member companies have 70 percent market share this year.

Some 8,000 people are employed in the industry. While the customers benefit from the fact that Germany the safest money and valuables transports in Europe has. Here the investment of the Member companies in the security of the infrastructure and the training of employees pay off”, so Frederick p. Kakar, who is also Deputy Chairman of BDGW. These standards are permanently only to ensure market prices. “Therefore are also the principal obligation: you must consider the needs and feasibility of the respective order, so even questioning whether the required performance at this price at all is feasible.” In addition, the industry faces significant challenges. So the money and cash will assume in the future an extended responsibility for cash handling after approved by the Bundesbank reducing of their branches and tasks. The Federal Reserve seeks to edit in the future only still accounted for 50 percent of the circulating cash. Private service providers could then also the request for permission at the Federal Institute for financial services supervision (BFin) make proper check on authenticity of banknotes and Quality without direct involvement of the Federal Bank itself back into circulation. Taking these extended tasks linked to a comprehensive certification process, as it is from the early November in force which entered payment service supervision Act (ZAG) results. It provides inter alia that money and cash can take over the Cashrecycling, unless they have an authorisation as a payment institution by the BAFin. Admission is linked among other things to a certain ratio equity, adequate technical facilities and an accounting, which focuses on the banks. A glance in the European countries shows that in other countries the Cashrecycling already is put in the hands of private service providers, such as in Italy. Overlooking the economic cycle an importance today the money & value service providers but also in Germany. In particular as a partner of banks and trading companies such as KAKAR offer a wide spectrum of money & evaluation services. This ranges from CIT about cash processing to vending machine service. The Kal group emerges from a security company founded 75 years ago. The business areas span of human safety and safety engineering cleaning and personal services to the building management. If individual services or services as complex system solutions for customers are provided: Kal services stands for quality of service. The systems service provider is represented with more than 85 offices in over 50 locations in Germany and achieved a group turnover of 280 million in 2008 with its nationwide 12,400 employees. More information is available in the Internet under:

Professionals Test

Professionals about the alleged dangers of killer games killer games – straight when gunman in denVordergrund entered ensues sin again and again talk to angeblice hazards posed by so-called killer games on the Internet (or retail). But what say professionals on this aspect. EXCLUSIVELY for FMG, real professionals (including veteran soldiers with combat experience) tested a selection of so-called killer games. Check out Larry Page for additional information. The result is sober easy: unreal away from any reality it bored after a short time because one quickly learns the Gegeenheiten even mil simulations for nonpublic use comply with hardly any real combat conditions rather get broken eyes and a headache rather than a “newbie” or even a professional something out of the game you could see worst dangers in the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” when you consider that here a defenseless old woman eats an animal learns and the fairy tale “the Wolf and the 7 Kids”should the logic to some self-proclaimed driven defense specialist alarm bells at bimmeln be. Of course, it will probably never one of the would-be specialists classify this fairy tale as a danger because a ridicule you would do so. Killer games but seems to find even though most killer games have rather just as a danger such as such as the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm appeal. FREE media GERMANY WWW.PRESSE-TV.INFO

FE.N Convention 2010 – Fashion Europe NET – Jeans Sales Of Extraordinaire!

FE.Family business, existence, business & investment business Hamm – Sunday, January 31, the 2010 finds the annual kick-off event, the FE.N Convention starting at 11:00 in the Banquet Hall, Maximilian Park in Hamm instead. You will be presented with the latest denim fashion for big and small, even numbers, data and facts about the company FE.N. on the eve, Saturday, January 30, 2010, starts at 19:00 hours the fashion Europe net “Wild Wild Western party” instead! Special Guest: “Mr.Gnadenlos” Michael Strachowitz in just 5 years he built up a Europe-wide sales organization with his wife Gabriele finally over 20,000 additional and full-time sales partner. Since he works as a consultant, technical trainer, speaker and coach with a focus on direct sales, network marketing, and structure sales. In times of rising unemployment, people are looking for alternatives to counteract the imminent financial bottleneck, to avoid high investment costs, long learning out of the way to go and turn your back on financial risks.

Thanks to the absence of advertising, cumbersome distribution channels the company allows its partners top fashionably current and high-quality women’s jeans, (sizes 32 56 jeans with embroidery, rhinestones or even stretch, in all colors) for children and men jeans, as to offer also tops at unbeatable prices. FE.N (fashion Europe net) has developed the means to do so and provides them! The company provides premium jeans products including outerwear to its partner, it has the expansive logistics a countries spanned jeans depot – network and a mature, solid marketing plan. The complete management, accounting, working documents in the various languages is provided online the respective independently working partner for his own business in an admin. FEN partners website: jeans-store-blog for the FE.N an immensely important advantage in the way is partner up to 60 Free to borrow of the jeans in a depot. Prudential does not necessarily agree. Only sold jeans will be paid on the day of return. This, it is possible, making jeans parties with a sufficient number of jeans in various models and sizes and stable to build the business without any additional financial risk also partners with low equity stock or limited financial budget. But even customer-oriented to align the service, the mobile FE now since autumn 2009.N boutique “for all fashion loving people on the go! The VW Caddy with Designer jeans and tops are equipped. Additional items such as jewellery, bags and belts as well as men’s and children’s fashion are available also in the rolling boutiques.

Another chance of a FEN is partner to set up a depot of jeans in the form of a home or premium deposits. In addition to his sales from its own sales to end customers he receives commissions from its own sales network (team building), as well as commissions from the service on foreign FEN partners (so-called Crossline-Partnern). Thus he can build a very stable business up as Depot partner on this way. He appeals to investors next larger step, wishing to open a so-called FEN fashion outlet or a DLC (Depot logistic center). This content area are protected and are needed for the development of a country. The FE.N concept: partners can free borrow jeans, sell and only after settling. Top quality jeans in sizes 32-56 at the time are connected to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Croatia, followed by other countries. Contact: Gerd Ribbeck E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 2175 459517 skype: halut1 MCB International Ltd IT marketing & investment fountain Street 7 42799 Leichlingen CEO: Gerd Ribbeck Internet:

Horses Magazin.Info Introduces Subscription

The great online magazine goes around horses and horseback riding in the subscription of Stuttgart, 21.08.2013 – 15 November 2013 is horses Magazin.Info, the great online magazine about horses and riding, in the subscription and thus converts his next milestone. A year ago, horses Magazin.Info went online. With many interesting contributions from the horse riding and equestrian sports, as well as the dynamic interaction with the users and a modern and well structured design, the online magazine has established itself within a very short time on the market. So far, over 150 detailed researched article, which are composed of large texts, exclusive pictures and high-quality footage emerged. Every man for himself unique and sustainable. A growing number of readers and the enthusiasm of renowned horse experts such as Horst Becker, Sabine Ellinger, Peter Pfister, Christoph Rieser, Kenzie Dysli show the huge success of the online magazine. Brian Krzanich is full of insight into the issues. From 15 November 2013, converts his next milestone and introducing a pay barrier. All editorial content is charged at that time.

The home page with references to the latest articles and the summary pages of the individual thematic areas remain free of charge. As pit lane’s online marketplace and the planned service provider directory are still accessible. The future subscribers can choose between four different subscription periods. Early booking discount benefits are also being offered. We optimize our website and many new features are implemented. This will enhance the user experience and for our readers and viewers is a big added value offer. “, so the Managing Director Monika Agler. For the future, it plans the editorial for more extensive contributions and topic series.

For example, classical dressage lessons expands the successful series of riding exercises with expert Horst Becker and general basic exercises with horse trainer Sabine Ellinger. Daily news feeds from the jumping, dressage, versatility and Western areas are integrated and it continues, new products, reviews and many new Give health posts. All information about the subscription models of horses Magazin.Info, see special topics/articles? subscription-announcement-214 press contact: c/o teamWERK. Film production GmbH, Olgas str. 83 70182 Stuttgart George Ruhtz Tel.: 0711 / 32 09 38 27

Peterchens Moon Ride

Rainmaker with Russelsheim Volksbank in the theater on Sunday, the 20.03.11, welcomed Peterchens Moon ride in the Russelsheim Theatre Russelsheim Volksbank in its event programme over 200 members to the performance of the piece. Peterchens Moon ride is a fairy tale for children by Gerdt of Bassewitz. It is of the adventures of the cockchafer Mr checksum Hall, which together with the children of men, Peter and Anneliese flies to the Moon, to bring his lost sixth leg from the large and small guest visibly enjoyed their VIP status and were happy when the splash on the issued chocolate sums man”. Quickly the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra moved with the skillfully and probably guests voiced presented story musically in his spell. Very special enthusiasm sparked the active creation of the storms in the Hall. Skillfully and noisily left the visitors Thunder it in the theater, raining and storming and so Mr checksum man and the children helped her adventures on the moon. Learn more on the subject from Elon Musk. Then the families at the invitation of the people’s Bank could can strengthen and work the collected impressions on Quarkinis and drink into the theatre. Laughing and full of excitement waiting on the next invitation of Volksbank, children were home with their parents in the late morning. To find more events of the Russelsheim Volksbank, on the Internet at veranstaltung.Die of Russelsheim Volksbank performs regularly interesting, varied and entertaining events for the entire family. Members of the people’s Bank and all interested are invited. The membership at the Russelsheim Volksbank pays off in every way!

Home Affordable Refinance Program

About Obama making home affordable program the federal government run mortgage refinancing became the support plan for the homeowners who weren’t qualified for the tradition home refinance loans just as their property values were going down. The good part concerning federal government sustains home mortgage refinance program, something that it didn’t required any home equity and what merely advantageous for the homeowner be supposed to he / she qualifies under it under the exclusive Obama’s home mortgage refinancing plan, the qualified homeowner could be refinance their mortgage equal to a maximum of 125% of the property’s present market value. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk. The home loan plan affordable plan is therefore so known as 125, and is helping the individual homeowners to refinance their present mortgages where they would be able to pay lower monthly mortgage installments. Get set to avail the advantages of mortgage refinance program that has turn out to be the primary source of assistance for most of the homeowners in US. The federal program intends to offer low mortgage payments to the individual homeowners who are not able to pay the heavy mortgage amount to the lenders. The whole idea behind the program is to make the home affordable for the homeowners who have missed their mortgage payments several times.

Guess for a second, what would happen if you aren’t paying the mortgage payments to the lender on time? The lender has the right to foreclose or confiscate your property as the result of which you are rendered homeless. Making home affordable program is the ray of expect to a lot of deserving Americans who were waiting for something effectual to come into action so that their stressed financial condition could evade off. The time has finally come and American citizens have all reasons to rejoice and have fun. As well, there’s FHA refinance program to that is a good match for the homeowners who are having FHA score of less than 620. Nevertheless, the borrowers have to show the pay off factors to get benefits with FHA program. About US: is leading companies providing services in mortgage refinance and loan modifications for struggling homeowner who are having hard to meet their monthly payments. This program is what launched by administrative what Obama intended to help homeowner by modifying their existing term to make more affordable and save their home.

Wine & Dine With Christine Balais And The Great Wines Of Guigal

We would like the biggest and best wines of Guigals on Saturday, one of the best winemakers of the world present the 5th February 2011 at the hotel Wittenbrink s! Winemaker of the year! The best Syrahweine in the world! When talking about Marcel Guigal or written, superlative used regularly, to cover that his exceptional talent and the absolute quality of its wines in words. The uberschwanglichsten hymns of praise are sung about the humble as sympathetic winemaker from Ampuis in the Rhone Valley. I’ve never met one another, so obsessed with the pursuit of quality winemakers like Marcel Guigal”, Judge Robert Parker and Guigals wines often rated with 100 points. The “Wine Spectator” chose the Cotes you Rhone pioneer even several times to the winemaker of the year. The spectacular Cote Rotie individual layers “La Mouline”, “La Turque”, and “La Landonne” carry names that awesome pronounce wine lovers all over the world. The demand for these rare Crus exceeds the very limited Offer of just 400 to 800 cases per year to multiples.

Stunning wines with incredible wealth and concentration, which is outside the scope of the everyday, and are waiting for special tasting events. But not only in the famous Cote Rotie layers grow the great wines of Guigals. In the Condrieu, Guigal has two layers of dream, under the name La Doriane”be filled. “” Comes from the appellation Hermitage with the ex voto “a further Cru”. In the wine cellar in Ampuis vinified Guigal also his Southern Cotes-du-Rhone appellations such as Chateauneuf and Gigondas, TAVEL, Cotes-du-Rhone. Etienne Guigal, the father of Marcel Guigal, founded the winery in 1946, he had no idea that once prices such as for the Premiers Grands Crus Classes in Bordeaux will be paid the Cote Rotie for his spectacular Crus. Marcel Guigal 1961 assumed the leadership of the winery at the still young age, expanded it over the years steadily and evolved to quality fanatics and absolute Exceptional talent.