Europe Offer

It is the new signing of the rojiblanco team. It has made no offer to me Real Madrid. The recent Turkish signing of Atletico de Madrid, Arda Turan, did not you lack landed in Spain to assume their colors and today, in his farewell press conference, he made it clear that the colchoneros are above any financial offer of its richest rival, Real Madrid. It has made no offer to me Real Madrid. But even if I had it, I prefer to Atletico. I know that Atletico will be part of the team and its fans are very good, similar to the Galatasaray said. The brand signing Atletico thus responded to a question about if not felt envy of other Turkish players or Turkish, such as Mesut ozil, Nuri Sahin or Hamit Altintop origin, who have been signed by the white club.

Atletico is one of the best teams in Europe and he will gladly, because they have put all their trust in me, it felt and added that he will fight until the end for their new colors. Another theme that focused the appearance of the young footballer was the tension that has lived between he and coach of Galatasaray, Fatih Terim, who during his period as coach of Turkey gave many opportunities to Arda. I know (Terim) saddens to master Fatih that I’m going. Also saddened me, as a fan, that he was Fiorentina (after training Galatasaray during its golden age, 1996-2000). But it was the right thing and he will be that better understands my March, was justified. I was determined to play in Europe. So I sat down with my family and my girlfriend to evaluate the offer and made the decision to go to Atletico, explained.

However, Arda assured that you won’t forget the colors she has worn since age 12. Before becoming a footballer already he was follower of Galatasaray and will not leave of serl, or said. In fact, in the agreement signed between Atletico and Galatasaray, included a clause whereby if Arda returns to Turkey, You should do so to his old club. On their current physical discomfort, he said that they prevent him from training for 5 or 6 days but that they are not serious. Source of the news: Turan: “Even though he had an offer from Madrid, prefer to Atletico”

Central Electoral Board

Its three leaders have been arrested in our country. This is the first police operation in Spain against Anonymous. On 18 may, the hacktivist group attacked the Central Electoral Board. The dome of the Spanish division of the well-known group Anonymous hacktivist has been broken up, as reported by the police through their official Twitter account: the police dismantled the dome of Anonymous in Spain. On 18 may they attacked the Central Electoral Board. Its three leaders have been detained in our country, one of which housed at her home in Gijon one server from which were coordinated and executed computer attacks to Government, financial or business web pages around the world, as explained by the police in a statement. The arrests took place in Barcelona, Alicante and Almeria. From the aforementioned housing attacked the store websites Playstation, BBVA, Bankia, ENEL and of the Governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand. The past They may 18 launched an offensive against the Central Electoral Board page and subsequently also the websites of the Mossos d police detainees and the UGT. The Organization of hackers is divided into independent cells that, at the agreed time, launch denial of service (DDoS) to collapse web servers, sometimes through zombie computers infected in all worldwide this research represents the first police in Spain against Anonymous operation and has similar precedent only in EE UU and United Kingdom, because of the complex security measures taken by its members to safeguard their anonymity among the objectives of Anonymous revealed by the police forces are the websites of police, Endesa, RTVE and Intereconomia, among others. Source of the news: the police dismantled the dome of Anonymous in Spain


The previous agreement expires in 2012 and sets rises between 1% and 2%. Met this Wednesday and next encounters may occur. The Prime Minister believes that it is a sample of responsibility by social agents. Unions Comisiones Obreras (CC OO) and General Workers Union (UGT) and the Spanish Confederation of business organizations (CEOE) firmed the renewal of the social agreement to maintain wage moderation until 2013 or 2014, whose current term extends to 2012, and which sets rises of between 1% and 2% for this year, and between 1.5% and 2.5% for the next. Union sources have pointed out that on Wednesday there was a technical meeting between the parties and do not rule out that there is new encounters the coming week to move forward on the Pact. The Secretaries General of CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, and UGT, Candido Mendez, sent a letter to the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, on August 18, which is they were willing to extend the period of wage moderation if employers currently their profit margins and committed to make investments. Zapatero, grateful sources have confirmed that a day earlier Zapatero convened a meeting to both Union leaders, along with the President of the CEOE, Juan Rosell, asking that the agreement which ends in 2012, according to El Pais newspaper this Wednesday ahead they continue until 2014.

Zapatero, during his speech at the plenary session of the Congress on Tuesday for dnder their latest economic measures, thanked Toxo y Mendez his letter and said it was a sample of responsibility at a moment in which reforms to job creation are needed. The President also stressed the need to moderate wages and benefits for the competitiveness lost from the entry into the euro, which could not be retrieved in part thanks to the validity of the current collective bargaining agreement, signed by the employer and trade unions in 2010. The Chair added It would be one more link of credibility on the path of recovery if the social agents to immediately extend agreement to a longer period. Source of the news: trade unions and employers negotiate an agreement to extend the wage moderation until 2014