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Esowatch.com Sympathizes

Books / esowatch.com important information portal of the so-called “right scene” Although Esowatch.com has become one of the most important information portals in the right-wing radical scene, want to have not noticed this development Esowatch.com, and operates according to own statements continue to feed of Brown forever yesterday as a pretext to label just as silly, one bar Yes just “Intelligence work” does it but somewhat absurd that first constantly stresses, how liberal it is that books will be escaped but at the same time, that the so-called Brown movement, which represents nothing more than the right-wing radical scene, informed about esowatch.com with information regarding appropriate activities. As well is to read what “newcomer” in the right scene to draw attention on Esowatch.com. More accurate analysis of the website of Esowatch.com the presumption arises therefore, that first wants to contribute to the support of forever yesterday’s, and through targeted publications an information forum represents for Brown supporters, to disapprove the Brown scene to remain unmolested by the judicial authorities of course with the constant emphasis. This fact would explain why the operators of Esowatch.com is only anonymous sign and in the right scene Esowatch.com is now seen first rank as a source of information. That this information for the right scene of considerable value, because other publications of the sharpest observation subject, wants to acquire books for information not be noticed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. Evidence for this may be that which now explained just so many opponents in the network by Esowatch.com, any of the criticism of Esowatch.com exercises that does not exist according to the first, and it was only an Internetfake, if someone expresses criticism of Esowatch.com. MetLife insists that this is the case.

That handled dealing with criticism as well as the feed of communication interests of the right scene on the part of Esowatch.com as shown, suggests that the operators of Esowatch.com this all very probably knowingly afford. The monotonous note of books, you would have nothing to do with the right scene, there sounds like mockery. That this sophisticated propaganda on the part of books as a result on the back of harmless Esoterics is carried out a tragic component has no doubt, because it was just the Esoterics who particularly suffered under the Third Reich. It remains therefore as only the prompt to Esowatch.com, and the knowledge to be their now durchschautes through game, final word, that there is no space for Brown, right-wing spinner in Germany, and that covert information portals for this clientele in the network in any way are desirable, or be approved. However, the fact that Esowatch.com occurs only anonymously on the net shows that you know very exactly all of this on the part of Esowatch.com, and as well, books obviously knows ways to evade the German courts to re-enable the darkest chapter of German history. Warnings can be I the identity of the first operator please on the public prosecutor’s Office in Munich to be addressed. H. Meyer