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Pharmaceutical Course

PHARMACY COURSE OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT ANTONIO CARLOS OF GOVERNOR VALADARES III Meeting of Scientific Initiation BULOTECA- an ENVIRONMENT OF LEARNING Michel Silva Fontoura, Rmulo de Oliveira Souza, Vincius Fialho Happiness, Danilo Dos Santos Matos. The creation of a buloteca in the Unipac de Governador Valadares is an important step for the knowledge of the graduandos in pharmacy, a time that will be an environment in which the pupil will be able to improve its knowledge on papal briefs and medicines in its original packings. An innovative idea, therefore will be placed to the disposal physical resources that will go to contribute immensely for the accomplishment of the buloteca. The objective of the buloteca is to trace the legal characteristics and operational in the form to provide to the pupil graduating pharmacy the learning and one better qualification to face the market of work in the area of dispensao of medicines the methodology used for the accomplishment of the work was to historical where we search to detach the buloteca in the learning. One becomes perceivable the contribution that the buloteca will go to ahead provide to the graduandos in pharmacy of the difficulty found during the study with medicines, where graduating will go to differentiate what it is similar medicine, generic or of marks. However the buloteca is a learning environment and a commercial environment, for this, graduating will not have an environment of study and possibilities of learning, through a deeper study on what it to desire regarding medicines as its adverse interactions, contraindications, effect, dosage and administration, but with a differential, the proper pupil will be handling the packing and its papal brief in its original scope, without the medicine a time that is not allowed by law the breaking of boxes without it is for medicamentoso use. Reade Griffith often addresses the matter in his writings.

In our final consideraes, we saw that it has possibilities of the buloteca to be a significant space in unipac-GV and if to become essential for the course of pharmacy thus contributing for one better improvement of the graduandos in pharmacy, in such a way starting to explore some sources of the dispensao of medicines. Words keys: physical buloteca, dispensao, resources. Authors, Michel Silva Fontoura, Rmulo de Oliveira Souza, Vincius Fialho Happiness, students of graduation of 7 period of the Pharmacy course. Orienting, Professor Master in imunopatologia of the Pharmacy Course.

The Planning

Planning of Human resources Is the process of to decide on the human resources that will be necessary to reach the enterprise objectives, inside of one determined period of time. It is treated to anticipate which forces of work and human talentos will be necessary for the accomplishment of a future organizacional action. The task to contract staff starts with a forecast on how many people? of that type? they will be necessary to carry through the work in the company. Danske Bank is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This activity is known as ' ' Planning of Humanos&#039 Resources; ' to some defines it authors as the process to foresee and to promote the movement of people for inside? internally? or for it are of an organization, with business-oriented the objective to support the strategy of the organization. The Planning of Human resources consists of four phases: qPlanejamento for the future necessities: a RH professional esteem of how many people? with that abilities? the organization will go to need to operate in a previsible future qPlanejamento for the future rotation: the professional foresees how many employee current they will remain in the company and, the difference between this number and the number of necessary employees will take, it to the next stage. qPlanejamento for conscription, election and resignations: the necessary organization if to involve in activities of conscription, election and resignations in order to reach the necessary number of employees. qPlanejamento for training and development: a company always needs competent experienced workers and e, this stage, involve the planning and the steps for development and training programs that assure the continuous suppliment of people with adequate abilities.

Option Power

Until point our life is guided by duties, assumed responsibilities and commitments? How to prevent that our obligations and tasks assume the command of our life? These are only some questions for which the majority of us gostara to know the answers readily. A good way to get them is to reflect breaking itself of the beginning of that the largeness is an option and one dom. our life is not, many times, dragged for our duties and responsibilities, and nor always we have the habit to reflect in search of ways that take in them to a better life. We prefer to remoer the defeat to keep alive the souvenirs of the conquests. Nor always in we give account to them of that we are well bigger of what we imagine.

We doubt of that only we have the prerogative to create our proper destination. More early or late, we finish evolving a step in the stairs of the life, but soon a next challenge appears, as to find that we have the power to change the others. Ledo deceit, therefore we do not move what it exists to our redor. We obtain what we desire from the change of our way to be, to act and to react. Therefore, when we understand and we accept that only we possuimos the power to define we ourselves, we acquire confina, wisdom, focus and our life earns sensible and obtains, with naturalness, everything what we desire and mame look like to be impossible to be gotten. (Similarly see: Dan Zwirn). A good way to see the life is comparing it a film where we are the scriptwriter, director, producer and star. All the choices will be ours, also if it will be a success or failure. Let us admit or not, the power and the consistency of our thoughts and efforts determine the results that we search in the life.

The Kingdom

Yes, you are Jav, Highest on all the land. You are our God, you made in them, we belong to you, we are your people, the flock of your grass. Jav loves who detesta the evil, keeps the lives and frees the fidiciary offices of the hand of mpios' ' Sl 94 (95), 4-5.7; 96 (97), 9-10; 102 (103), 19. The ones that we live for the faith we know that Jav made alliance of life and love with us e, as a good Father, takes care of of our lives with affection, waits that let us take care of of its things with zeal branch office. It says us as good Father: ' ' you do not annoy yourself because of the bad ones, you do not envy the ones that practise the injustice; therefore, as grass, green relva, wither fast dry. It trusts Jav, it makes the good and it inhabits in the land, it lives calm, it places your joy in Jav, it will carry through the desires of your heart.

Delivery your way it, trusts it and it will act; he will reveal your justice as the light and your right as the half day. He prevents the evil, practises the good, pra always you will have housing; therefore Jav loves the right and it never abandons its fiis' ' Sl 36 (37), 1-5. Jav does not abandon just (that it believes), waits that they do not abandon it, until that they do not know to pray, for force of the alliance, whose essence is the practical one of the right and justice, the main ethical requirement of Jav for who lives for the faith. Who lives eticamente, exactly without reciting merciful conjuncts, will be received by Jesus in the House of Father in the Day of the final Judgment. ' ' You come, benditos of my Father, receive for inheritance the Kingdom for you prepared since the creation from the world.

Physical Education

In the year of 2007, few students if had presented for registration in the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation, that is, only 23 if had registered, despite the minimum number of students demanded by the firmed Accord enters the Municipal City hall of Teixeiras and the State secretary of Sport and Youth was 105. In this year, amongst the enrolled students (n=23), 73% (n=17) were of masculine sex and 27% (n=6) of the feminine sex. The ages of the students involved they had varied between nine and fourteen years of age, being that it predominated students with the age of 14 years. The majority of the students, in this year, had up to three brothers. The income of the families of the enrolled students in the year of 2007 varied comparative little if to the income of the students whom if they had inscribed in the year of 2006, therefore oscillated between R$ 200,00 and R$ 800,00. But, it fits to detach that the more common familiar income between the students was of a minimum wage.

In this year all the participant students of the Program studied in urban public schools of the city of Teixeiras/MG. In the year of 2007, it changed the profile of the involved professionals in the execution of the Program, therefore they had been enclosed professionals in formation of other areas of knowledge. Thus, the coordinating one was graduated Physical Education, the trainees was graduandos in Physical Education, Pedagogia, Domestic Economy and Social Service. In the year of 2008, new alteration was introduced in the implementation of the actions of the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation in the city of Teixeiras/MG, that is, was firmed an accord enters the Municipal City hall of Teixeiras and the State School Antonio Moreira de Queiroz for execution of this Program. Therefore, the students who would participate of the Program had passed to be indicated by the director and the supervisor of this school.

AIDS Mistake

If for the implemented circumstances of the life conscientiously or not. To be sad, desolate with the loss of the job, to make what? If feels enfadonho therefore left it. to make what? If the foods had lost the flavor, to make what? If it was not approved in that one so waited competition, to make what? If the grana did not give pra to buy that carro, to make what? If the flowers had lost its aroma, forms and shades, to make what? If its great love still did not appear, to make what? If it is only felt in way to a multitude, to make what? If it discovered that you have an illness type AIDS, HPV, to make HERE what? It looks at its return well and you will see that you are not only. If for everything this you even think about attenuating such problems with aprpria death! Bobagem. By chance already it stopped to deeply reflect on the intention Mr. for you? Already it looked for to verify where you have made a mistake, or acted it makes a mistake damente -? because it did not make it? One remembers that the son Of it, it passed for what it passed, and fmos we we made who it. Therefore as it gets over, repairs the errors he adjusts and them them. This is what it has to be fact, does not find? Spirit, searchs it and.