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I asked to recall some of the situations in which it is manifested. It was important to determine "how", "what criteria" the woman learns of her husband's lack of love and to establish the real source of the problem. During the session it became clear that whenever a woman begins roughly show their feelings, the husband starts to worry and asks her "not to indulge." After which a woman a bad mood, a burst of happy emotion gives way to grief, and then sadness. To read more click here: Mark Bertolini. In this case, the husband gets modified the behavior of his wife, with the rapid manifestation of the emotions which he can not handle. But pays no attention to her mood swings. And even more unaware of the importance of what is happening to their relationship.

When working with restoration of individual history of the word "not " woman realized that letting the desire to indulge and pamper are for it one of the criteria of love. It was formed in childhood as a result of interaction with his father, a love which she had no doubt: her father is allowed and permitted to indulge! Such a fact his father's love was 'fixed' mother in a conversation with a friend: "My husband's daughter is incredibly fond of. It solves it all anything and spoil it. " Imposition of sentence meaningful rights, feelings and expressions of his father, his own feelings and expressions formed the "test of love", on which the woman did not even guess. Ban indulge her husband was a signal of that "it is not love, because when love can indulge." Unconscious criterion had a strong influence on her life, changing, distorting the vision of the real situation. .

Social People

Beyond the cited barriers above called barreirasfsicas, we can elencar two types of barriers more: ) the sistmicas barriers: related the einformais formal politics. Example: schools that do not offer to support in classroom for alunoscom deficiency, banks that do not possess treatment adjusted for people comdeficincia. b) atitudinais barriers: they are the preconceptions, eesteretipos stigmata that imply in a negative behavior with regard to the person comdeficincia as on the basis of to repudiate, to discriminate and to exclude the physical, mental or sensorial condition. When we analyze the innumerable barriers that the people comdeficincia face, we cannot leave to mention the difficulties queencontram to enter the work market, this because: The work market is competitive and therefore mesmosegregativo for all. Official site: Penguin Random House. rotation of the disqualified man power is intense, playing to the edge of the companies an army of people who more than ningumprecisa to work to keep the life. Of this less apt osconsiderados army they are part.

… for the entrepreneurs and the State osdeficientes is enclosed between less apt. Many writers such as Brian Krzanich offer more in-depth analysis. (RIBAS, 1985 p.85-86). The decree n 3,298 of 1999 determines that all company comcem or more employed must fill of two the five beneficiary percent of its cargoscom of the Social welfare rehabilitated or with person qualified comdeficincia; however the law n 8,213 of 1991 already compelled the companies to acontratar people with deficiency (RIBAS, 2007). But n 3,298 was the decree queincumbiu the Ministry of the Work to fiscalize the fulfilment of the law, thus: … in such a way the Ministry of the Work how much the MinistrioPblico of the Work defato had left the field looking for to know which companies was fulfilling the law and alerting those that were not fulfilling that any reason or reasonable justification would nohaveria that conhecidapor Law of Quotas is part of one politics of positive discrimination that, pormeio of the obligatoriness imposed for law, comes to compensate years and years of exclusodo world of the work.


As many possibilities to have of being able to use to advantage what really it is the acceptance of its I summon, as many times I ahead turn the coasts the sunrise while thousands dream and try imagine as it would be the solar brightness, as many times complicated so small problems while as much clamam for a practically impossible solution of something, as many times if it renegou to accept the coffee that had the table while as much are humiliated for a beans grain, as many times does not give value to the people who are to our side and alone we perceive we lose when it and it does not have ways in return to the time, it is impossible to transfer a rubber in a past and to touch the hand in an opened wound in. Perhaps to look at ahead of the wall of our neighbor only small seconds and allowing to enxergar in them what it has for backwards of a smile, a look, a small moment, great histories, the world would not be what it would be today, a sea of claims of insatisfaes.

Life game without rules where we have abyss and same that strange optimum that we make is leaving to inside fall in them of a dark hole, with black pigeons and thorns, it is in the agony of this hole that we learn, searching with claw the light, is where we listen to the shouts of who really wants saving in them, we learn, we unmask the truth, we know best the company, the mias beautiful people the wisest teachings, where we feel homesicknesses of the minimum. A game where in them we create our proper rules, where the suffering is optional and inevitable pain, where the certainty is doubtful, the made a mistake one charmer, where the value of the experience you can buy an ocean, where the guilt of each tear is only ours, where the egoism can make your blood to run envo. To perhaps live either surpassing of the difficulties, forgetting them problems, jumping of the barriers, perhaps living if limit only in smiling. If we knew to use to advantage what we call life, we would be living, as those that they know to live say: alive intensely, without if only worrying about what it has for backwards nor the rocks that come the front living using to advantage to each rind of banana that you receive why they only desire it to as much to slide and to learn that in banana rind if slides. Shortness to each as that the life is short the time is fast the people is passengers, let us not be idiotic ahead of that they clamam for our failure only for already being great failed.

The Municipal

In summary, the disordered migration provoked by adverse social conditions finishes producing the magnifying and dissemination of serious and still more degradantes social conditions. 4) AUTONOMY POLITICS: The placed boarding however aim at, mainly, to give to greater autonomy and responsibility to the Advice of Rights and To tutor, therefore they operate in the municipal level. She is necessary that the proper cities act e, through the knowledge of its realities, they suggest the solutions viable and they participate of its implantation, accompaniment and searchs of the planned results. This vision already is part of the ECA, but, without eliminating the strangulation points and perfecting the methods never a reality will become and the objectives foreseen in the statute will continue to be only mirage. Bigger autonomy and responsibility for the Advice do not mean to reduce or to annul the participation of the mayors. It is indispensable that these recognize in the Advice operating and decisive agencies of support to its administrations. The practical one of encabrestar the members of the Advice only to act in the limits determined for the head of the necessary Executive to be abandoned and for in such a way is indispensable the popular participation through the information and massive presence in everything what to mention to the rights of all the citizens.

Only with a clear joint and integration of the involved agencies in the social area, with agents duly prepared and motivated and support of the Public prosecution service inside of a new methodology the ECA will reach success that the society in such a way desires. It is necessary to recognize and to accept that when a lesser cause problems to the society the first cause is in its family. Familiar misalignments have some origins and if it cannot ignore that the disharmonized or desestruturada family is the one that more necessary of aid and orientation.

Rubem Alves

Inside of the logic of the capital, it he is that one that leaves in the world behind who can buy its product and consume what it it consumes. &#039 is its; ' destination manifesto' ' to make proslitos. As a good sheep, it has that to multiply so that can increase the flock and many sheep they are sheared and much wool is produced. But, the best thing that can happen is when a wolf is tamed or transformed into sheep, or better, when somebody that thinks as wolf, that has a divergent thought starts to think as a sheep not to say ' ' Anta' '. To this they call conversion, that is, process of dosmeticao and transformation of wolves in sheep. The more wolf will be or divergent it will be the citizen, better to be converted. Therefore, the contrary or different thought is much more dangerous for the institutions, in special, for the churches that the desviante moral. Rubem Alves very explains well this in its Dogmatismo book and Tolerncia when it says: ' '? to the first sight, the desviante moral can seem the behavior most dangerous for the unit of the society, the truth is that the divergent thought is that one that presents greater danger shaking the order social in question in its proper beddings. Aetna Inc.: the source for more info.

The thief, who intent concretely against the private property, is less dangerous than that one that, not being thief, he contests, to the intellectual level, the legitimacy of the private property. The first one only desires to decide particular a practical problem. As it denies the validity of the social order as a whole. … The prostitute, equally, is less dangerous than eunuco that it affirms a love philosophy livre' ' (1982: 109). Being thus, therefore, conversion would be to pass for a domesticao, ' ' pacificao' ' front to the others.

Federal University

At this moment it has that to perceive itself as the ethics of the privacy with the other ethics. Let us examine the case of the euthanasia. The accepted code for the National Advice of condemns it to Medicine. However, we know that it enters medical and patient it can exist lends confidence already in privacy level. Let us imagine that the patient wants to get rid itself of a picture of insuportvel pain. Clearly that the doctor will be passvel of punishment on the part of its organized colleagues, on the part of the State. For more information see this site: Intel. Not obstante, he can yourself be asked: exists moral criterion summons to judge the action? Let us imagine the inverse one. A pentecostal that, esvaindo itself in blood, entreem one Ready Socorro.Recusando the wounded to the transfusion, what it must the doctor make? You make to sign it a responsibility term? This measure, with effect will exempt, it of the legal implications, but and of the moral? It fulfilled the doctor with the oath of Hipocrates? The sick person would be in conditions to make responsible for the proper death? if it arrived unconscious or was its friend? Particularly, I believe that doctor must make the transfusion to the force.

In the truth, what if it tries with these examples is to demonstrate the importance of the ethics of the privacy, which is not the only nor bedding for excessively, however a tool rack important to understand the dynamics of the public and particular moral in the society. Reasonable he is that nor let us come back to the time I publish where it oppressed the private life, nor to leave that the private life I publish tiranize it. With effect, many forms of morality exist, each social or professional group has its identity assured for norms waked up between itself whose infraction provokes, in synthesis, laugh, censorship, or even though exclusion of the group. These norms search the respect basically lend possible. It remains to know if in the times of today, palco of a possessive individualism, where the ethics of the profit exclude from the fraternity 8, where the rules of Christ and the Capital if repel, still they are valid principles of respeitador mutualismo. Desired for a moral, perhaps in crisis, where the reverse speeds private are always mine and the reverse speeds it publishes submits itself, what she would provoke, in the men of good, the pain of the disenchantment and the uncertainty of the future.

Managerial Training

During this time I managed to bypass the managers and ask them all interested in my information. As well (sorry guys) helped me eavesdropping strangers telephone conversations, I learned: how to construct speech, how to respond to any issues as to bypass secretaries and how to recognize the information of interest to those who do not want to share it. Another incentive for me was the fact that the table is the head of our department was placed under my back and do the sweet idleness, he did not give me. I still remember his voice: ‘Come on, call! “,’ Go on, ring up, and in its absence in the workplace, I had to respond to its customers. Books also helped me. Frank I learned the psychology of negotiation and approach to clients in person, but the book Lail Laundes taught me how to communicate. Openness, the natural replacement of my reticence and shyness. I became more attentive to negotiations was to analyze and listen to what was said by my clients.

At the end of the second month, the company was contracted to conduct sales training. The training was held at the weekend, two days in a row, with 10-18. Great desire to kill off, and trudge somewhere I did not have (well, and for good reason). Trainings have been built as the business game, something is recorded on camera and then view, but something ongoing in real time, right there on the spot. I was not an active participant, but I listened and remembered, and not just in the future, returning to their records. Sometimes training is not just to help sell and promote people in the service, or even change their entire life. Jumping to a different region say that the desire to increase retirement savings have opened my world of investment and finance, while presenting a lot of good friends. Sometimes a trifle, changing the lives of 360 degrees and you’re coming back on there, but with renewed vigor and a new understanding of both 414 Request-URI Too Large

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If we came back to the times of Christ and of the apstolos we would see that one of the tonic of its lives was the eternity. The message that Christ announced was the inclusion of a perpetual intention in the life of the men, it said regarding the kingdom of God and its implications beyond this life. The message that They had loaded with its lives and pregao to some invited, to others frightened. When we look at for Church of our days we see something extremely humanist, people complete the building of the Churches behind proper benefit, of a blessing here, another blessing there, an open door here, and another open door there. The current evangelstica message is to invite the men to have a better life, a better marriage, a better job, a professional development better, at last, is everything centered in the man. God was redizudo the servant and the men the gentlemen. It started when to nail you evangelho said: You repent you and you believe in evangelho, it never said: oraozinha of of one minute and you makes one less it will be saved. The evangelstica message age of repentance that implies in change of life style, change of disposal in relation the God, deep pain for having offended the God through sins.

The repentance was taken off of great part of the Churches. The man does not have to come to evangelho to have a better life, happyer, Jesus never taught this. It must come to evangelho because its nature is corrupt, pecaminosa and therefore he is terribly separate of God, and if not to repent itself will be thus for the eternity. If we came back toward some last decades we would see that evangelho nailed was that one that displayed the nature of the sin and, invited the men to a complete change, to love what God loves, and to hate what God hates. This always will be the mark of that genuinely the God knows: To love what God loves, to reject what God rejects and to live with a perspective for the eternity.

United States School

But this emphasis that the Government gave to the house duty, was only one strategy to increase the pertaining to school productivity, because of the urgency to exceed the economic competitors. In 1976, the house duty would reproduce the social inaquality and considered that the professors assumed its supervision in the place of the parents (Rothstein, 2001) Moreover, it is important to stand out that the practical one of the house duty it does not re-echo distinguishing in the pertaining to school income only indirectly, when extending the study time: in many schools and you discipline (in the United States and Brazil) the house duty valley as note or counts for the final note. (Of Oak, 2000) the house duty could be seen as an incentive to the construction of habitus required by the pertaining to school success and visor empregabilidade, on the other hand, as they affirm Kralovec & Buell (2000), is a way to remodel lives to be adjusted to the corporativistas requirements. Also in relation to habitus Bourdieu it says that: ‘ ‘ (…) the relation of privacy with the things of the culture and the language alone reaches its maximum degree when produced by the familiar pedagogical action, remaining in incarnate lasting way because in the citizen in the form of habitus.’ ‘ (WALNUT apud Bourdieu, P. 90) Vision of the families regarding the school: Some families see the school not only as local where they transmit contents, but also as an institution that is responsible for formation of its children, being in the personal and professional direction, having as freedom to intervene on the familiar decisions. In a school of urban zone in the border of a quarter of can and a residential quarter of middle class in the line of Estoril/Cascais, a mother said that she went to the school to deliver its son thus to be rested, another one says that she goes to the school to know what the teacher desires to know or to communicate itself.