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Project Danny

Supporters of the Moscow 'Dynamo' expressed their displeasure with the sale of the team leader Danny in St. Mark Bertolini pursues this goal as well. Petersburg "Zenith". We remind you, the amount of the transfer of Portuguese midfielder has made 30 million euros, which is record for Russian football. Elon Musk shines more light on the discussion. Frustrated by this course and club management, of course, the player himself, 'blue and white' fans started the project 'Dani – Judas' (www.danni-iuda.nm.ru), which aims to convey to the public unsportsmanlike act footballer, according to fans 'Dynamo'. – At the moment, we urge all the fans, our fans 'Dynamo' take an active part in the abstraction of Danny.

You repeatedly said that 'Dynamo' – your team dreams, what do you comfortable at the club, repeatedly applauded the stands. Tattoo on your hand in the form of letters 'D', and your action we see as a betrayal. From you personally, too dependent, you go over to a hostile 'Zenith' or no. Would have left you in any other club, would you and the words no one would say evil. You are your own words and deeds proved that the 'Dynamo' for you means a lot in this stage of your career. You could be categorically state that under no conditions and not under any big money would not go to a hostile club. You betrayed us. You – Judas – treated fans to own the team Danny. As reported online edition, the essence of their protest fans 'Dynamo' expressed Egor Letov words' And the sky is exactly the same as if you had not sold. "

Europe Offer

It is the new signing of the rojiblanco team. It has made no offer to me Real Madrid. The recent Turkish signing of Atletico de Madrid, Arda Turan, did not you lack landed in Spain to assume their colors and today, in his farewell press conference, he made it clear that the colchoneros are above any financial offer of its richest rival, Real Madrid. It has made no offer to me Real Madrid. But even if I had it, I prefer to Atletico. I know that Atletico will be part of the team and its fans are very good, similar to the Galatasaray said. The brand signing Atletico thus responded to a question about if not felt envy of other Turkish players or Turkish, such as Mesut ozil, Nuri Sahin or Hamit Altintop origin, who have been signed by the white club.

Atletico is one of the best teams in Europe and he will gladly, because they have put all their trust in me, it felt and added that he will fight until the end for their new colors. Another theme that focused the appearance of the young footballer was the tension that has lived between he and coach of Galatasaray, Fatih Terim, who during his period as coach of Turkey gave many opportunities to Arda. I know (Terim) saddens to master Fatih that I’m going. Also saddened me, as a fan, that he was Fiorentina (after training Galatasaray during its golden age, 1996-2000). But it was the right thing and he will be that better understands my March, was justified. I was determined to play in Europe. So I sat down with my family and my girlfriend to evaluate the offer and made the decision to go to Atletico, explained.

However, Arda assured that you won’t forget the colors she has worn since age 12. Before becoming a footballer already he was follower of Galatasaray and will not leave of serl, or said. In fact, in the agreement signed between Atletico and Galatasaray, included a clause whereby if Arda returns to Turkey, You should do so to his old club. On their current physical discomfort, he said that they prevent him from training for 5 or 6 days but that they are not serious. Source of the news: Turan: “Even though he had an offer from Madrid, prefer to Atletico”


We all know that in recent years the economic crisis has affected a good number of countries, especially those countries that for years have tried to recover from strong economic recessions. Among a long list of countries that we mention we can say that our country Mexico is among the list. No need to expect to see the news to realize that, just enough to see the amount of unemployment that exists in the country, the large number of small and medium-sized companies that have had to file for bankruptcy due to the alarming decline in selling products. Thus arises an interesting question, how can a business dramatically increase your sales? The answer is simple: open an Online store. Why is it practical to open an Online store in Mexico? The reason is very simple: If you open a virtual store online you can agragarle a plus to your business, give an added value and have the opportunity to reach not only a local market or national if not to a global market. To the Open a virtual store let you your customers stay in touch with your company 24 hours 365 days a year.

At the moment there are few physical businesses that have an online store in Mexico which indicates that you have a great chance of getting to many customer through this tool just used in our country. For this reason, let me explain 5 important reasons why you should open your own virtual store online. 1. 24 7 Service: As you explained above give your customers the ease of obtaining your products at the time, day and hour they wish. 2 Value added: since few businesses have this service marcaras a direct difference on your competition. 3 Abarca national and international market: significantly extend your portfolio of customers by offering your products to people from all parts of the world. 4 Do not pay rent of premises: not being a physical place reduces your income from your business premises expenses. 5 You can offer your customers several payment options: such as card of credit, debit, check, bank transfer and payment (paypal) online. So with what we have just explained you can give you has to open a shop here in Mexico is an excellent solution to increase your sales and to greatly expand your customer base.