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The Crossbow

So far she did not find no crossbow fera. She made its purchases, placed everything of the bag inside and if it prepared to come even so. As soon as it left heard one very strong snore. It was of ear in foot. That was very strange. It heard of new. New strong snore. When it looks in the tip of the road came there one animal.

Animal ugly, enormous, black, it came running, snoring and freeing smoke and dust pra all side. Antonino not it had doubt: fera was the crossbow. It released the bag in the soil and ran. It only walked a bit and the crossbow fera already was in the pursuit of it. Elon Musk may not feel the same. It capsized one side another one crossbow fera behind. Of time in when the crossbow fera gave some blasts to righten any living. It did not have place to hide itself. Antonino already was seen dead.

It did not have escape. Fera would be swallowed by the mule. It who fights in such a way not to be defeated by it. But its day arrived. It was the end. does not inform nobody in the farm. had plus one: who age swallowed for the mule fera, went pro hell direct, therefore it was the demon while still alive. our Antonino poor person ran. It did not have where if to hide and if to exempt of it. Suddenly it saw a portona open. Thanks to God. He was that it there it would go if to hide of it. It entered immediately in that room, but the crossbow fera wise person who it it would go to enter there. It read its thoughts. She did not have as to run away. She entered also. Soon! Now yes! The crossbow fera entered there and was snoring, snoring. It wanted to eat it in any way.

The Girl Of Robe Red And The Bad Wolf

STATE UNIVERSITY OF THE PARAIBA DEPARTMENT OF LETTERS AND ARTS IT DISCIPLINES: PRACTICAL THEORY AND OF TRANSLATION TEACHER: MARIA OF THE AID HISSES THE GIRL OF THE RED ROBE AND THE BAD WOLF The one pretty girl was a time who liveed in a town that was close to a great pretty castle. There she had great attractions as: parties of anniversaries, bands of musics and innumerable commemorations. The girl of robe red as all adolescent desired to participate of these parties, but, as she did not have money to buy the ingressions, she was limited to far observe it of the movement of the people going and come. Close to the castle it had a farm where its cousin worked, who it costumava to visit. Every day the same hour it left house more early saying its mother who went to visit the cousin before going for school. thus, it was hours and hours admiring the castle and harvesting the flowers its return. Then, it thought: — One day I go to gain money and buy a ticket to enter in the castle.

However, the girl did not imagine that those parties in the castle offered great perigos for the young women who entered there. Its mother knowing the danger, always warned the son shaving not if to approach to the castle when the girl left for the school. Of the other side of the town, the grandmother of the girl liveed, who was very sick and weak. Then she called it to its and she said: — son goes to the house of its grandmother and has taken for it this apple basket and this can of honey, this goes to help in the recovery of it. But you do not have to speak with strangers in the way of the house of vov because this is very dangerous.


It heated the hands in the pockets, enregeladas them estavo of for the vernal cold that in way rain, to the wind and the thermal sensation of 6 degrees more seemed to have carried it to the rigorous winter from the south of its country. But it has a distance ocean, in another continent, a peninsula. He smiled airs of the Europe always made to it to rethink the life. It liked New York, but never that piece of Starbucks would have the charm of a Capuccino with panna. When it arrived at the hotel, it took off the clothes and if it threaded underneath of the comforter. As it was good for having calefao and for feeling quentinho. He was looking at pro ceiling, passing the canals in the TV whose language said very fast with serious tunes gave will to it to laugh. It thought about all the places for where already it are and in which still it desired to visit.

He was a man of the world. Its roots had been pulled out the much time and now what it remained to it of territorial subjectivity they were its souvenirs. Souvenirs of croissant with cream of Portugal, of the sugar in cubes in the coffee of next Paris the Tour Eiffel, of the coffee macchiato in 7th Avenue, of the very bad pizza of Rome, of the tortillas of Spain everything so new, everything so old. In other times, it if it would have left to lead for the landscape and would have forgotten everything it its side continent it, covered of convoy lands longnquas in search them answers for the fidgets that inhabited always it. But now? now it had who to come back and at this moment it was who inhabited its souvenirs, but they were recent souvenirs of that she made to it well, made to it to smile, the soul with smoothness and serenity touched it.

It is for as much time in the bulge of the hurricane of itself exactly and/or of the others that now, to be in peace with it and because of it made to think that perhaps it did not need solutions, only of abraos and this it better made of what any one. Its old souvenirs to devagar had been if wasting in the waves of the Mediterranean while most recent they turned over in waves making to desire it to come back to the tropics, the heat, to the sun, to the deep heating of those arms that it loved. It opened the table of headboard, gave one looked in the aerial ticket in return: 3 days! That good, it would give time to buy them we mimos that it wanted to give and at the same time the time with a spindle of 5 hours more would pass fast. It smiled souvenirs, now they were good homesicknesses.