the present time

Crisis And Economy

We remember that in 2007-2008, the bankruptcy of the bank Lehman Brothers had taken to the economy on the brink of madness the abyss. Ebay gathered all the information. All the financial system, what castle of naipes, ran the risk of crumbling. The States took to position a part from the banking debt, a incalculable sum. Details can be found by clicking Dan Zwirn or emailing the administrator. In this slope, the own central banks did not take in being they themselves in a dangerous situation. But throughout this time, the bourgeoisie has been ***reflxed mng of the world with the greater cynicism. We have undergone all type of speeches everyone lyinger. Partly the own bourgeoisie is created its speeches. The orerators cannot reach a true lucidity against the collapse of their system.

Nevertheless, to lie, to trampear for hide-and-seek the facts, are a necessity to maintain the exploded ones under its yoke. They began to say that the things were not so serious, that they maintained the control of the situation. But it was more and more difficult not to make the ridiculous situation. Nevertheless, in that dominion, the best thing was about to come. In the beginning of 2009, after a fall of 20% of the bags and a backward movement of world-wide growth, was promised to us without blinking, a fast exit of the crisis.

This she was to us presented/displayed like precise passenger and. But the facts are more obstinate than the speeches. The situation was ***reflxed mng blatantly of these salesmen of illusions and continued worsening. Then, these gentlemen have happened to use as perfidious nationalistic arguments as revolting. The fault of the crisis was of the population North American that it had spent on credit without reflecting and bought houses without having means to rembolsar the credits. We are speaking of the famous ones you prevail. This explanation lost its validity when the crisis has affected the zone Euro, becoming evident when the Greek State was incapable to avoid the bankruptcy.

Original Aloe

In addition, the aloe you will be able to apply it in all the types of skins as I explain a continuation: If you have the dry skin mixes a gel of aloe with olive oil, sweet avocado or almonds and you will have excellent a nutritious one. If you have the greasy skin only uses the gel, perhaps it is astringent and it reduces the excess of fat, you notice a certain tenseness at the outset, if the gel bothers aplcate to you after the shower, with the still humid face, thus you will secure a perfect hydration without lubricating the face. If you have the normal skin or mixed you can use the gel of aloe without mixing, aplcalo until its total absorption. Also you can use the gel of aloe with retinol to give firmness to the skin, masajea in a single direction moments and will see that the result is visible, the aloe it foments the colgeno production and it has a exfoliation effect reason why also it fights the spots and the wrinkles, he is authentic multipurpose ones. Besides taking care of your skin, also you can use the aloe to cure it. It uses gel 95% small marks of acne, scars, spots of the face, or any other imperfection of the skin, also you can use it like gomina after the shower, it will fortify your hair and it will maintain and tuna to it healthy. Constant, it uses your cosmetics in combination with the aloe and you will notice the results.

Grooming Dogs

We always must take care of that we do not give pulls him nor we do damage to him, since does not have to associate this moment with a stress situation or tortures. In order to obtain this what we will make sercomenzar to cepillar slowly from the root of the hair and we will go loosen to the knots and tangles that could have. It is necessary that always we are careful in taking hold the hair and cushioning the pulls in case they took place. We always must begin to comb to our dog from the head, that will be the first part in which we will repair. We must backwards begin from the root throwing the hair, although always it is important to respect the birth of the same and its route so that the cepillado one is more effective. Later we will happen through the back that the cepillaremos in the same way that the head, to finish by the legs and the belly. In all these parts we must take care of of cepillar all the hair, that is to say, if our dog has different levels from length which we will do will be to separate the longest hair to comb the first shortest one and finally the length.

Although the theory sounds very or, at the time of taking to these techniques to the practice not always everything he is so simple, since normally the Golden Delicious Dogs and of all the other races they resist or the state of the hair is not indicated, and therefore the pulls and other problems are at your service of the day. In order to avoid this we have a series of tricks to our disposition. In the first place we must know that for the most indicated long hair it is to make use of a comb of prongs will serve that us to avoid the pulls and to eliminate the tangles with more facility. One of the main problems at the time of cepillar a our dog is that the hair usually is gloomy and as soon as slides the brush with smoothness. In order to obtain that this does not take place and the brush slipping easily what we will do will be to avoid to wet the hair, that is a measurement that many adopt and is an error in all rule, since when it is dried it entangles more.

What there is to make esutilizar serum or substances that nourish the hair of ours animaly they give to smoothness and smoothness. We can find special products for them without we damage its hairy leather. To use before passing the brush a dryer if the dog has the very long hair is a good advice, since it will help us to eliminate much dirt and to manage to dissipate some enredones. This will make the task easier of passing the brush and of eliminating the knots and enredones. The dryer will be in charge to prepare the hair momentarily and to cause that more small change stays and without tangles. It is necessary that always, we do what we do, we are pending of our dog and its well-being, since in the end the one that can suffer is he.

Web Design

The design Web comes in many forms, forms and contents. It is the gift of your site, or to publish a package to share with many visitors of several products, services or information. Many aspects contribute in a great design. I like to compare a great design with a Porsche or a Ferrari. For example, a great design, shines either for the eyes, this or formatted, and this causes that the visitor continues digressing certain? Although that serious a Porsche without the motor? Basically something very tuna but something incomplete. It is by that the design Web is constructed in multiple levels. The aspect but on sight of a great design Web is the content that it has. As well as the Ferrari shines huge, its more important aspect is by all means, the motor.

This motor is the content. The content leads to the reader, and most important to the motors search. The key words and their position, are the key to take to your Web site to the highest positions, in the huge world of the optimization in the motors search. Then Serious what a great content without a great design? Almost nothing, only a small motor. It is by that it is important to fuse both, a good design and rich excellent content in key words around all the pages of the Web site. Although it is certain that the content always goes to be the King for the motors search, you do not have enfocarte in that, also you only must take into account the visitors, since they are those that decide to buy the product or service and not the motor search.

Helena Aramendia

Without intention: we bought cattle tenders who enchant to us, and soon we must return to change them by a celebration dress that we needed for the next week. With intention to be you practice: we go directly to by the celebration dress, and chose in addition the purse that has the most discreet label to be able to give back it later. With intention to clear the sadness to us of above: we go away to the most expensive store and we bought the dress, the shoes, and the purse. Of we go there to the hairdressing salon. With intention to happen afternoon: we call to a friend, we at night tried on dresses, suits of work, and shelters, but we did not buy anything.

In conclusion, to define clearly our intention before happening to the action, helps us to obtain results more in agreement with which we want. That one in which we focused our attention is what we found. In case some has curiosity in why or how this one process occurs, the reason (simplified) is the following one: since we have already spoken sometimes previous, we are energy living in a sea of energy and constant interaction with her. In this level, contrary to which it happens with the electronics, the equals are attracted. The feelings (the intention is a feeling) are real power fields and tangible, able to produce effects in the physical world, so when we do something with intention, we are putting an immense motor additional to which we do. That motor resonates and so he is similar in the universe (that is the sea of energy in which we were) and by resonance, meets and so it has a similar energy. It happens just as with mercury of a broken thermometer.

It has never happened to you? The tiny small balls of the liquid metal tend to join themselves, as if they were clear to each other. Then this is the same, but at power level. We can also imagine to us that it is as if we had a great magnet and we were attracting selectively and without effort the metal pieces of a gigantic well that contains diverse elements. Without the magnet, it would be much more difficult to find them and to gather them. The power of the intention is like the power of the magnet. When putting ours intention in which we do, we amplified the power to attract the result that interests to us more, right the one that is more important for us. I hope that you very well paseis exploring this one concept. It is funny, practical and it will only take seconds to you. Before doing or deciding something, simply you know clearly what is your intention on the matter. You will already tell the difference me that this does in your life.

Crisis Tendencies

The world of music MGP seems pawned on reviving a return of aesthetic of the pin up that the surroundings of the fashion had accepted with the same speed with which soon it get ready to bury it, as it does with the majority of the new features every four months. But singing of MGP easy, like Katy Perry, or with pretensions disc, like Lady Gaga, they seem to persist in the idea that not only the pin up has not died but waits for one long life to him, although some precursors of this Renaissance, as the eccentric artist of burlesque Bond von Teese no longer is indeed fashionable. This nostalgia of the pin up is not an exclusive phenomenon of the Anglo-Saxon world. In Spain there are similar cases, as those of the presenter of television To pound Blonde or the singer Sara give Pin Up, of the Moloco group. The pin up is the girl of illustration of calendar of the Forties in the United States. Basically it is born from the hand of illustrators, most outstanding of who it is Gil Elvgren, the equivalent to Norman Rockwell and that reflects the same type of optimistic North America innocent, only who in the case of Elvgren was clear that in addition she thought about sex. America de Rockwell was totally lacking of eroticism, whereas the one of Elvgren it was impregnated deeply of sensuality. The return of the pin up takes place in any case of the hand of the musical industry, and not as much of the fashion.

It will be necessary to consider, seeing the persistence if in the era of Internet myspace is trendy more than It rows. The Californian Katy Perry runs the risk of being the typical artist of a single song, with its I kissed to girl. Its aesthetic one, as much in disc covers as in the celebrations in which he is habitual vindicates the most classic image of the pin up. More far from the canon, Lady Gaga, that the industry of the disc has wanted to send like a new Madonna, seems a revision of the girls of calendar in futurist key. In the Forties this type of explosive girl, of full curves and innocent attitude already was an impossible model.