Crisis And Economy

We remember that in 2007-2008, the bankruptcy of the bank Lehman Brothers had taken to the economy on the brink of madness the abyss. Ebay gathered all the information. All the financial system, what castle of naipes, ran the risk of crumbling. The States took to position a part from the banking debt, a incalculable […]

Falklands Islands

(But) more than financiers is problems of Capitalism. Capitalism not only brings financial crisis, also it brings an ecological energy crisis and. We are forced to atrabajar of joint way, but when thinking about to save to Capitalism we would be mistaken. Greeting to the regions that worry to raise new forms of changes, To […]

Original Aloe

In addition, the aloe you will be able to apply it in all the types of skins as I explain a continuation: If you have the dry skin mixes a gel of aloe with olive oil, sweet avocado or almonds and you will have excellent a nutritious one. If you have the greasy skin only […]

Web Design

The design Web comes in many forms, forms and contents. It is the gift of your site, or to publish a package to share with many visitors of several products, services or information. Many aspects contribute in a great design. I like to compare a great design with a Porsche or a Ferrari. For example, […]

Helena Aramendia

Without intention: we bought cattle tenders who enchant to us, and soon we must return to change them by a celebration dress that we needed for the next week. With intention to be you practice: we go directly to by the celebration dress, and chose in addition the purse that has the most discreet label […]

Crisis Tendencies

The world of music MGP seems pawned on reviving a return of aesthetic of the pin up that the surroundings of the fashion had accepted with the same speed with which soon it get ready to bury it, as it does with the majority of the new features every four months. But singing of MGP […]