Los Berger

The fourth unit of the tent was used for the performance of an innovative Leistungsshow. Is the technique of axis coating was presented clearly, where several times a day RELIUS employees exemplary painted heavy drive axle. Through the four-sided glass facade, it was possible to track the demonstration from all sides the interested guest. The […]

Marco Kainhuber

Via the connected MCP Jobboards jobs be optimally distributed on the Web and thus achieve a high number of applicants, potential applicants and interested parties; at a fraction of the cost that must otherwise be spent on publishing job advertisements. PeRsy technology and the connected multi channel-posting channels (MCP channels) is the so-called peRsy effect; […]

GmbH Payment

The Web-based real-time system makes a variety of useful functions around the clock available: Standardized or individualized reports as well as the transaction history of the cards can be recalled. Minor modifications of the POS systems were required to enable the types of transaction charge, redemption and status of each checkout. They were carried out […]

Peshawar Carpets

Afghan carpet producers combine tradition and craft with a modern and attractive patterns and shapes. In Afghanistan, there are known areas where for centuries handmade carpets in different patterns and qualities are produced. In the areas around in the capital Kabul in the East and in and around the cities of Herat in the West […]

Twitter Content

“Internet platform for videos from transport and logistics the Internet portal under launches the motto see what moves the industry” launches logistik-tv.net to the transport logistic 2011″. Operators want to build out the new platform to the central point of contact for moving images and videos from the areas of freight forwarding, logistics and mobility […]

Internet Agency

Partnership for the expansion of the own service portfolio agreed upon jointly achieve more. Under this motto, the Netpage GmbH, Wiesbaden and Mainz Internet service provider and specialist for online portals new identity AG make their future collaboration. Last week, the two companies have signed a partnership agreement. ormation. The aim of the agreement is […]

Pharmaceutical Sales Trend 2011

Pharmaceutical reps put on the business advice of their customers the pharmaceutical industry is in transition, and also sales staffs in their size are reduced. At the same time the competition in the battle for the customer “is increasing. These developments left its mark pass the pharmaceutical reps, especially not to those who take care […]