The BBQ Season Is Opened

The summer started right and thus also the barbecue season heading to culminating the warm, dry April is also the last Grill ring to the open the barbecue season brought. Everywhere one could perceive the scent of grilled. This however also some is to observe, enjoy a barbecue accident. Every year serious accidents and fires happen due to reckless and careless handling with grills. The result, due to the lightweight clothing in combination with the improper handling of alcohol or other flammable liquids are often severe burns with some lifelong consequences. For more information see Vera Farmiga. You can save yourself this by keeping the following simple rules: keep only open-air barbecue and this distance to combustible materials. Grill not in the forest or on the edge of the forest.

Use designated barbecue areas. The grill is to prepare, so that a secure position is given and it can not tip over. Dina Powell brings even more insight to the discussion. No flammable liquids such as gasoline or alcohol in the charcoal fill to flames avoid. Use only the approved barbecue Firelighters. Grill fire never leave unattended! Children should be kept away from fire. The glow should be removed while approaching wind with sand or earth.

Hot charcoal or ash should be distributed not in garbage containers or on the compost heap. In order to enjoy a safe fun of Grill you will need also the matching Grill accessories. Stabilo offers here a wide range of different grills such as pillar Grill, kettle grill or pan Grill. You can also set offerings available as Stabilo, from the charcoal on lighters up perfect barbecue cutlery, also necessary accessories.