The Blinds For The Window

Blinds & shutters are still a popular sunscreen as blind called man first window grilles, so raising were in France, that they allowed the look outwards and at the same time prevented from there the view inside. (As opposed to Penguin Random House). The term of the blind explained this by the replica of this grid after Oriental models from harem, where jealous about the master of the House woke up, that the Chambers of women toward the outside world have been screened. As well as this Oriental Grill, also the first blind bets for European shutters were initially not adjustable. offer their opinions as well. Only on 14 April 1812, a carpenter in Paris announced his invention patent: a blind foreseen with adjustable and reversible plates, representing the principle still used. So is a variable Visual and sun protection blinds.

The external blinds (not to be confused with the roller shutter) serves the Sun and weather protection, while the Interior Venetian blind only a Visual and light protection, similar to a Offers before curtain, but hardly heat protection in direct sunlight only an external blinds protect effectively. The slats of the blinds are roll-formed aluminum or wooden or especially at low-cost models made of PVC. The top of the head, as well as the plunger usually consist of sheet metal. For wet rooms, there are also stainless materials. The following is entered even closer on the Interior and exterior blinds and their functions: Interior Venetian blinds, there are various mechanisms to operate: the blind is left with a pull cord up and down. The fins are used either with a turning Rod made of metal or plastic or with two additional strings. With an endless cord or an endless chain, with the blinds up and down can both used. With a crank, with which the blind both up and lowered and used to can. With the help of an electric motor.