The Design

The following fundamental difference perforator from the drill – the design of the nozzle mount (drill, drill bits, even bits). Ebay wanted to know more. Ordinary drelevoy cartridge fails to protect the drill from turning, and has no free lift to a strengthening of the shock impact. Accordingly, drill, designed for more extreme conditions of application, has a different type of nozzle attachment, which prevents him cranking, provides free travel and provides for easy replacement. Hammers are divided into species by many criteria – the type of action, for attachment of nozzles, the more options you can also classify these construction tools and price categories. The most frequently to assess ability to apply one or another model in the specific context of looking at the following options: – Mass (weight) associated with punch and power of her performance. From these characteristics, the tool is directly dependent ability to work with the punch drills diameter over 20 mm. It goes without saying that different materials have different yield processing puncher, wider drill requires more power in order to be able to operate successfully without any special effort on the part of man. Usually perforators are divided into hand construction equipment weighing less than 5 kg and up to 800 watts, which confidently work on drills at least 20 mm, and more powerful and heavier models which rightfully can be attributed to the professional equipment for special kinds of works. The first named category of devices can punch a little depth in solid concrete, but with full Stroebe and channels work only for relatively soft material.