The Future

Seems children that the marriage of their parents can be so fundamental as they are everyday activities. Then must an adult son meet the future before the divorce of their parents? To help your children deal with the divorce, you have to show them that you’re under control. It avoids that they think that you’re falling apart or that you’re adrift. It also prevents signs of a financial emergency. If you can sit calmly face your children and explain things in the simplest way possible and according to their age (what plans are there for the next few months? is something for the future there? how will face everything emotionally?), you can provide them with peace of mind. Second, do not go into details of what happened in the marriage to give divorce.

Your children are entitled to know what happened, but you also have the right to save you certain things. They should be protected from the psychological damage that produces listening to a litany of the wickedness of his father or mother or a recitation of errors and faults of each one. Do not make them to take sides by you or your former spouse. Thirdly, after the divorce, even if you have many issues to resolve, try these not are before your children. You you’re still part of his life. Fourthly, let them understand that you are sure you want to divorce and that it is not a hasty decision, nor much less is the end of the world. You simply want to divorce and that’s it.

Tell them that things will be fine. If you and your former partner can stay in a friendly relationship, what could be better! There you have an advantage. The point is that your children feel that they don’t have to choose which of you can invite to your home, to the birthday of grandson, the dinner of Christmas, etc. And if still cannot accept the reasons for your divorce, let them know you’re sure of what you are doing. Original author and source of the article