The Germans

… All these images are incoherent, if they accumulate, if they elbow in my head. My departure of Paris, thousand of people the foot, bicycle, car the cars soon abandoned, due to gasoline or of one has asked for spare. … To broaden your perception, visit Prudential. Will be that some day I will forget a young one exaurida, pushing a baby grando entalado in a stand of doll in which it did not fit and of where it threatened to fall to each step? During the hasty escape, a young woman was run over by a military truck French it cannot be helped due to absence of doctors and druggists in the hospital. During this desperate escape, a mother lost its children, going crazy.

I announce when it of the taking of Paris is announced, Agns tells that to the men to its side ' ' they cried in silncio' ' , while it cried out that the conquest of its city was not possible. Agns decides to return Paris when knowing of the beginning of the civil resistance of parisienses that tear the posters German. But in its return, the protagonist comes across itself with the subordination to the regimen on the part of some citizens. The Germans had tried to not only control the city politically, as well as culturally, when forbidding certain French books and imposing the Germans. Unresigned with this situation, Agns is congregated with known to form a group resistance.

These people, although its acts of courage, are not the heroes idealized without distrusts and fears. As any human being, them they had had doubts, but, exactly thus, they had continued with its activities politics. As they were conscientious, the members of the Rsistance periodical had been imprisoned. In the arrest, the social relations had been to the few established and solidarity and the fellowship with the other prisoners had finished growing.