The Girl Of Robe Red And The Bad Wolf

STATE UNIVERSITY OF THE PARAIBA DEPARTMENT OF LETTERS AND ARTS IT DISCIPLINES: PRACTICAL THEORY AND OF TRANSLATION TEACHER: MARIA OF THE AID HISSES THE GIRL OF THE RED ROBE AND THE BAD WOLF The one pretty girl was a time who liveed in a town that was close to a great pretty castle. There she had great attractions as: parties of anniversaries, bands of musics and innumerable commemorations. The girl of robe red as all adolescent desired to participate of these parties, but, as she did not have money to buy the ingressions, she was limited to far observe it of the movement of the people going and come. Close to the castle it had a farm where its cousin worked, who it costumava to visit. Every day the same hour it left house more early saying its mother who went to visit the cousin before going for school. thus, it was hours and hours admiring the castle and harvesting the flowers its return. Then, it thought: — One day I go to gain money and buy a ticket to enter in the castle.

However, the girl did not imagine that those parties in the castle offered great perigos for the young women who entered there. Its mother knowing the danger, always warned the son shaving not if to approach to the castle when the girl left for the school. Of the other side of the town, the grandmother of the girl liveed, who was very sick and weak. Then she called it to its and she said: — son goes to the house of its grandmother and has taken for it this apple basket and this can of honey, this goes to help in the recovery of it. But you do not have to speak with strangers in the way of the house of vov because this is very dangerous.