The Increment

Ambient support means the maintenance of the supplies of the nature, the guarantee of its replacement for natural or artificial processes. It means the search for the balance, the regenerative capacity of the nature or, still, for the capacity of support of ecosystems, its resilience. The ways that had taken civilizations to the failure or the ascension and the decline had been tied with the climatic changes, mainly provoked for action human beings of forest devastao, that provoke erosive processes in the ground, and for the intensive use of natural resources, without the necessary time of restoration of ecosystems. The human being possesss the capacity to rationalize the questions, to assimilate them e, with the previous experience, to find solutions based on proper comments. These comments must be used to construct to all a sequncia logical, apt to surpass one definitive difficulty, and to transmit the experience acquired for new situations, being formed a chain of progress that makes solid the group, becoming it apt and strong to face new challenges. The ambient support clama for the construction of new rules, that are slowly taking body for the whole world. With the increasing ambient awareness, the organized society, of eye in the past, must prevent its errors and take the lies positive as foundations of future conviviality, in search of the construction of a sustainable society.

Brazil has enormous potential ambient to participate of active form and in position of prominence in the global battle against the climatic changes. It possesss a privileged position it more enters the developed countries of the world and reached this platform without emitting the sum of effect gases greenhouse of the developed countries. The sustainable economic growth in set with the increment of the quality of life of all the inhabitants of the planet, is only possible if communities actively to cooperate and to participate in the changes of attitude and values. The human beings had never been global, but tribal, where to kill a fellow creature since that &#039 is considered; ' enemy of tribo' ' he is ethical and it is the form to think of the species. The crucial challenge that if impose, therefore, are the overcoming of this apocalyptic tribal characteristic, that allows to construct a truily global society. To create a new ambient paradigm, with the well planned and efficient use of the limited environmental resources for the creation of a sustainable society, only way to preserve the life for whole number.