The Justicar

Whose sole statutory function is the conclusion of collective agreements with employers who want to operate commercial temporary work. There are collective agreements also for non-Union members of importance for this area. According to 9 No. 2, AuG have temporary workers during the period of their assignment to a borrower claims to the applicable essential working conditions. The temporary workers can deviate from this equal treatment bid to loads only through a collective agreement or on the basis of contractual reference to a collective agreement. Now, many temporary workers are entitled to comparable remuneration may be compared to their (former) temporary employer. Should this be claimed action wise, must first obtains information about the there paid comparison wage at the user undertaking are. Since January 2003, there is a prohibition of discrimination in accordance with 9 No.

2, 10 for temporary employment agencies ABS. 4 employee hiring law (AuG). As well, employers must pay salaried employee, which he gives to other companies, with him as workers with the same activity in the user undertaking. This is not true only then when a lower remuneration is provided on the basis of a collective agreement for the temporary employment relationship relevant. This exception is hidden behind the small Bay, “A collective agreement may allow derogations” in 9 Nr. 2 AuG.

The chances of temporary workers on equal pay as the stem workforce of the undertaking has increased with the Court’s decision. The Justicar of the Trade Union Verdi, Martina Trumner, was of the opinion that temporary workers could sue now higher wage claims for past years. The employers Association of medium-sized recruitment agency (AMP) represents 1100 small and medium-sized companies in the temporary work sector background. He had a collective agreement with the collective community of Christian trade unions for temporary work and completed personnel service agencies (CGZP).