The Kingdom

Yes, you are Jav, Highest on all the land. You are our God, you made in them, we belong to you, we are your people, the flock of your grass. Jav loves who detesta the evil, keeps the lives and frees the fidiciary offices of the hand of mpios' ' Sl 94 (95), 4-5.7; 96 (97), 9-10; 102 (103), 19. The ones that we live for the faith we know that Jav made alliance of life and love with us e, as a good Father, takes care of of our lives with affection, waits that let us take care of of its things with zeal branch office. It says us as good Father: ' ' you do not annoy yourself because of the bad ones, you do not envy the ones that practise the injustice; therefore, as grass, green relva, wither fast dry. It trusts Jav, it makes the good and it inhabits in the land, it lives calm, it places your joy in Jav, it will carry through the desires of your heart.

Delivery your way it, trusts it and it will act; he will reveal your justice as the light and your right as the half day. He prevents the evil, practises the good, pra always you will have housing; therefore Jav loves the right and it never abandons its fiis' ' Sl 36 (37), 1-5. Jav does not abandon just (that it believes), waits that they do not abandon it, until that they do not know to pray, for force of the alliance, whose essence is the practical one of the right and justice, the main ethical requirement of Jav for who lives for the faith. Who lives eticamente, exactly without reciting merciful conjuncts, will be received by Jesus in the House of Father in the Day of the final Judgment. ' ' You come, benditos of my Father, receive for inheritance the Kingdom for you prepared since the creation from the world.