The Metaphor

Chomsky (1981) considered in its thesis that the children has possesss a device of attainment of the conatural language (that Chomsky the flame of ' ' DAL' ') that she is activated, with works that come from sentences (imput), deriving the grammar from the language in which the children who are displayed. Being thus the device she is formed by a series of rules, although this, the children in general that she will go to select the rules that will go to be part of its native language, of form that comes to facilitate its understanding of the process. Chomsky in them considers the metaphor of the lock, explaining that all child is born with a ready lock to receive a key. Each key is responsible for unchaining the acquisition of a distinct language, showing, in such a way, that all child is born with the same capacity, being apt to develop any language. Consonant the Chomsky: The child who is displayed normally to one speaks precarious, fragmented, full of truncated phrases or incomplete, she is capable to dominate a set complex of basic rules or principles that constitute the internalizada grammar of the falante.

(…). A mechanism or innate device of acquisition of the language (…), that it elaborates hypotheses linguistic on data linguistic primary (that is, the language the one that the child is displayed), generates a specific grammar, that is the grammar of the native language of the child, relatively easy way and with certain degree of instantaneidade. That is, this innate mechanism makes ' ' to unclasp ' ' what ' ' already he is l' ' , through the projection, in the data of the environment, of a previous, syntactic linguistic knowledge by its very nature. (Chomsky -1981) 5.TEORIA OF PRINCIPLES PARAMETERS the Theory of the Principles and Parameters estimates that it is by means of the language of which the child is displayed in the linguistic community, that is, of the parameters that will be selected and activated by it that it will cause to the variation and origin of the differences between the languages and the changes in one same one.