The Minutes

Each of us are responsible for internal change to reflect so you out, not my people there is another way. Is something that you and only you can do to be able to see the global transformation. I’ll give some tips that take them into consideration and start to take shape that internal change in ti: 1.Haz silence quiets the thoughts, listen to the silence. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Get a few minutes daily, then you will see that you will increase the minutes. 2.Comienza every day thanking you stop thinking in everything you do. Simply thanks.

3.Bendice your food blesses all the hands that were involved in the preparation of the food that you have on your plate. 4. When someone says or does something that angers you, look inside we are mirrors of each other and if something angry you or bothering you is because there is something in you that you have to work. There is a part in you that you’re not watching. 5.Hay a saying: get well and not look at who and that true is this proverb. Good practice at every moment, every day.

Positive 6.Piensa replaces the negative thoughts to positive affirmations. 7.Cuidate and love you remember that you can not give what you don’t have. If you do not take care of, not you are able to take care of someone. If you do not love you, you’re incapable of loving others. Join us in essence, in our being, find a few others as beings of light that we are, because all are one. That the divine light guide you and be with you always. Original author and source of the article