The Moment

If you even not enough take care of you, you maybe even considers them of scant, try to make a list of great things for you, that you recently done or achieve. Source: Dan Zwirn. Also these things must have been no “milestones for humanity”. If you cook for example your wife has an evening have dispensed with the television or a class presentation you delivered, is it worth it to get on your list. When you lead you this things in mind, you’ll notice that your self esteem increases and you – in your eyes will be worth more. To broaden your perception, visit Elon Musk. There is no fancier people than yourself for you! Take it from me! 4.

What is the worst that can happen? A simple but critical question. Often we drop almost us in our negative thoughts and feelings. Have for example fear of failure – no to paint us, what it really means to fail. What is the worst thing that can happen to you in your situation? It you as much detail as possible times and often you’ll notice: SO it is not bad now also again. Nobody’s going to fire you, if the presentation doesn’t work tomorrow. You can repeat the test if you fail. Your family will continue to love and appreciate also if you break down your Bachelor.

You must do this only in mind. 5. help someone else that sounds first outlandish: to take me out of my negative thinking, I should occupy myself with someone else. But it works. Today is a rising self-centeredness in more and more areas of life. Even in psychology, all these are “self” methods and theories to find more and more often: self-esteem, self motivation, self management, self help,… We humans are social beings who can live not just for themselves, but absolutely need the integration into society (other). And that’s why this trick works. At the moment, where you help someone else (by you, for example, donating or just call someone having it necessary that anyone listens to him, or or or), your mood will improve. You will you feel better, even if you don’t actually know why. If you have further interest in articles in the areas of personality, character and psyche, but just look times past: