The Municipal

In summary, the disordered migration provoked by adverse social conditions finishes producing the magnifying and dissemination of serious and still more degradantes social conditions. 4) AUTONOMY POLITICS: The placed boarding however aim at, mainly, to give to greater autonomy and responsibility to the Advice of Rights and To tutor, therefore they operate in the municipal level. She is necessary that the proper cities act e, through the knowledge of its realities, they suggest the solutions viable and they participate of its implantation, accompaniment and searchs of the planned results. This vision already is part of the ECA, but, without eliminating the strangulation points and perfecting the methods never a reality will become and the objectives foreseen in the statute will continue to be only mirage. Bigger autonomy and responsibility for the Advice do not mean to reduce or to annul the participation of the mayors. It is indispensable that these recognize in the Advice operating and decisive agencies of support to its administrations. The practical one of encabrestar the members of the Advice only to act in the limits determined for the head of the necessary Executive to be abandoned and for in such a way is indispensable the popular participation through the information and massive presence in everything what to mention to the rights of all the citizens.

Only with a clear joint and integration of the involved agencies in the social area, with agents duly prepared and motivated and support of the Public prosecution service inside of a new methodology the ECA will reach success that the society in such a way desires. It is necessary to recognize and to accept that when a lesser cause problems to the society the first cause is in its family. Familiar misalignments have some origins and if it cannot ignore that the disharmonized or desestruturada family is the one that more necessary of aid and orientation.