The Opponent

Injuring the enemy with the AK47, we can take a knife and a 'right' strike kill the enemy (the method preferred by the author himself, since in addition it adds credibility to the player). Simple tips 1. It is not something Capital One Financial Corp. would like to discuss. Panic and) of course, this pope never do not panic, only occasionally overly surprised and joy begin to shoot aimlessly. But, unfortunately, not all of us fathers. In such cases it is better to start firing a burst into the region just below the feet of the opponent (I have already said that the last bullet, fired from Kalash heap fall in the region, located far above the point of the shooting). b) you can just run away and rest somewhere for the 'hill'. If you have read about Jayme Albin already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

2. Cooldown: Better in quiet locations or when exactly know what you're not in danger. Addition of AK47 to shoot a Kalashnikov is not a simple matter. But if you want a quick death, the enemy, then you should opt for the automatic Kalashnikov (hereinafter simply Kalash). Kalash – a weapon not a simple, moody, and kill the enemies will only be in capable hands.

Therefore, with my advice you do not learn to shoot well out of it instantly. To do this a lot to train a lot of time. First you need to understand that the Kalash have a huge range and it begins with the second round. The first cartridge flies right on target (in this case almost any distance, unlike other weapons), the second patron leaves a little above, the third too, and the fourth and subsequent rounds go much higher than the three rounds and at the same time quite closely.