The Owner

Over 50 Moto re boats of the type keel classics from 23 to 41 feet built since then on the Schlei and inspire their owners. No wonder, because there are not only the very good driving characteristics with Top speeds of over 40 knots and the elegant, timeless lines, but also the high quality boatbuilding, which characterized the Kiel-classic line. Check out Elon Musk for additional information. Innovations and many well thought-out details make it Moreover, clear that the shipyard also understands how to integrate the long experience of its customers in the development of the keel-classic line. Each keel classic is largely created, taking into account the individual needs of the owner. The boats using are built of Fiberglass, epoxy, stainless steel and mahogany and teak wood, and always provides the latest technology to ensure that it is easy for owners to dominate a Kiel classic. So can be created by bow thruster and joystick control for the harbour manoeuvres centimetre and skims. In addition an intelligent, integrated fenders and lines system which makes maneuvers in the Harbour also in much wind to child’s play. The new Kiel classic AIR is the smallest yacht of series with 6.50 meters.

You emerges however as a space with two large lounge chairs, folding Windshield, sunroof teak deck, metallic paint finish and comfort for a relaxing day on the water. The boat not only for day trips with speed is up to 35 knots, but also as a yacht tender. The high-strength lightweight weighs the AIR ready for use just a little more than a ton and takes the width of 2.02 meters and height of 1.6 meters also in small on-board garage space. In addition the luxury as a trailer boat glider is, with the areas can be changed easily on the road. While a fixed mooring in water is not necessary. To be eligible for the exceptional handling for the keel-classic line in the lightweight Division, the shipyard has equipped the boat with a water ballast system.