The People

Today the accountant is not plus a mere preenchedor of notes, of DARF, it comes gaining seen space being as counting manager. Therefore the necessity of the organizations to give satisfaction of its acts is each time plus a requirement of the society. As consequncia, the necessary accountant to assume an pro-active attitude in this transformation. He needs, at last, to act as a leader, to adopt enterprising position. Being thus, never before if it presented for the accounting so marcantes chances of valuation, either in the companies, the public agencies, the firms of auditorship and countable services, derivatives of the convergence to the international norms, corporative governana and management of risks. Establishment of goals.

The entrepreneur has accomplishment necessity and to materialize this accomplishment he must yourself be established what he desires yourself, does not advance to dream if you do not obtain to establish, to quantify and to verify the result of its dreams. It must be known to fix the goals, to fight against the standards taxes, and to have capacity to still occupy a not busy space for others in the market, Who does not have goals and objectives do not know where want to arrive, are astray. WEDGE and FERLA (2007), claim that this professional defines its proper goals, arriving for times the stubbornness in perseguiz them, and that this characteristic can be learned throughout the experiences, that is entrepreneur is formed inside of the work market. The characteristic marcante of the people who really obtain resulted effective is the establishment of goals. These people have clearly where they want to arrive. Its objectives of short term are measurable and of long stated period they are clear and specific. One knows that, for the accountant or any another professional to reach the success, the personal and professional accomplishment is necessary to have a planning of goals, registered of clear form, with dates, stated periods, actions and specifications detailed for everything what she desires yourself to reach.