The Professor

In compliance with what it is argued, it fit to the professor to rethink on the conditions and elect alternatives of education in classroom, verifying the index of receptividade of its pupils how much what considers as lcus for the guiding of education. Such condiz precaution, that many times, the indiscipline of the pupils can be a reply to its insatisfaes consisted ahead of the lack of innovation of the professor. Thus, if the professor perceives the necessity to innovate, must act in desired and thought way. The one enters the many initiatives that can be used, is presented here as central question the reality of the pupils, the band-etria, the previous knowledge of the professor on its future pretensions, in order to contextualizar inside what it teaches, of a power to decide guiding that places while intentional, rational plan-director practical and the organizacional one on education. From there, the one necessity proposal pedagogical come back to propitiate safe bases on the act to teach, having as focos of reflection: what to teach, why to teach, who to teach and as to teach, being these horizontes essential for a mature evaluation on what it makes, why makes, for who makes and it makes as it. 1.4 The evaluation on education and its human character One third situation that will be norteador point in this reflection, says respect to the practical teaching avaliativa, since it has a certain dispersion, on the part of the professors, how much to the care of this practical, for one better understanding of the weight that exerts the avaliativo character in the pedagogical scene. Thus, the point of view of five theoreticians will be analyzed on the evaluation: In the vision of Libneo (1994: 193), the evaluation is conceived to the profile of a necessary and permanent didactic task of the teaching work, that must step by step follow the process of education and learning. . (Source: Morgan Stanley).