The Species

Now, the science of morals not defines it is good or evil; This task belongs to the Ethics which confronts the moral life not in a friendly way, but policy. Therefore, ethics defines standards, express judgments about what is good or bad and provides the reasons for these judgments, i.e. shows is so. Biology, in another sense, is the science that studies the life in general, the reproduction of the species and its permanence within an ecosystem, the multiple as manifested in the biosphere; being the biosphere the portion of the globe in which life is possible, including land, water and air of up to about ten kilometers of altitude above the sea level. Joining concepts biology and ethics, must be a science that deals with identifying the actions of man that affect the normal evolution of the course of the development of life; a science that promotes a harmonious relationship among all living beings and to ensure well-being for all. The defence by the principles that bioethics sets, has been finding eco especially in what refers to the practice of Medicine (medical bioethics). Abortion, cloning and genetic modification, have monopolized the attention of the development of this new science.

But as the conceptual scope of bioethics, includes identifying the actions of man against the development of life in general, its limits go much more beyond the field merely medical. This breadth in the domain of bioethics has determined classifications or subdivisions to facilitate its understanding. Thus, we find who it divides into macro bioethics or ethics global ecological and care of the planet; meso-bioethics, referring to the codes of the professions of health and micro bioethics that addresses the specific and timely issues. Another division of ethics, established the ethics of scientific research, health care ethics and environmental ethics; and so by the style. The term bioethics has forced schools in the study of knowledge, to reformulate the interpretation of the term ethics, specifically in relation to human behavior with respect to creation in general.