The Winners

Incorrect expressions:Correct expressions: It received individual gifts. It received huge gifts. It received several gifts. It received pretty gifts. They offered individual blows to him.They offered tremendous blows to him.

They offered severe blows to him. They offered forceful blows to him. The adjective individual (ace) means one or one for everyone of two or more people or things. For that reason it only exists in plural. It turns out to be the unique distributive adjective of the Spanish. Example: They gave individual prizes to the winners.

9. Expressions incorrect: Correct expressions: We were ateridos of cold. We were ateridos. The verb to aterir must by definition pasmar itself of cold, which allows us to deduce that in the mentioned expression there is a redundancy. Simply we will have to say ateridos. 10. Incorrect expressions: Correct expressions: To sit down in the table To sit down to the table. or next to the table. In this case the logic reigns; unless we sit down on the table. 11. Incorrect expressions: Correct expressions: taboos taboos bamboos bamboos When a noun finishes in marked vowel (with the exception of the E), forms the plural one in IS, thus: rubies, taboos, bamboos, etc. Exceptions: mothers, papas, sofas. 12. Incorrect expressions: Correct expressions: I saw your sister entering university. when it was entering It observed the boy laid down in the hammock. which was laid down in they sell cages for you cotoast of iron. iron cages for you cotoast. Portfolios for plastic girls are sold. plastic portfolios for girls. We would buy you enmesh for steel mosquitos. you enmesh of steel against mosquitos. They brought chairs for students of four legs. chairs of four legs for. I bought candies for the children who are exquisite. candies that are exquisite for.