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The municipal of Itaituba, was the first city hall of the city in 1857onde today meets the tourism store ‘ ‘ Pretty Turismo’ ‘ , we can there find a plate if relating the same, beyond being able to still observe the used Portuguese architecture at the time, with modifications it is clearly, today it has entered for conditional air and modifications in the door. A SQUARE VICTOR FIELDS OR SQUARE OF the FLAG In this square meets the bust raised for Raymond Brazil Pear tree in homage to the founder of Itaituba Joaquin Caetano Correa, currently this square is known as square of the Flag. This square was constructed on of one besieges archaeological, an aboriginal cemetary, when it was made, they had been found you vary funerary ballot boxes, being the majority of them broken by the employees of the city hall, exactly, for a ignorance not to know about what was that. Most interesting than it is in front of the museum of the city. Barchester is open to suggestions. Contradictory is not! OFFICIAL MUNICIPAL O PAO pao municipal officer was inaugurated in 15 of November of 1900, this place was not only used as city hall, but yes, it had room of all the public agencies that functioned in the city, since the balls of presentation of the society at the time until the municipal police station, in the room where the prisoners of the city were placed had happened vary crazy escapes very, here I will cite two of them, or either, marcantes. Mr. Francisco Macedo ran away from pao municipal, using a spoon, with much patience it dug the wall and obtained to run away from the place, another interesting escape was of Mr. ‘ ‘ Camet’ ‘ , used to call it, it obtained to leave for the ceiling and it went down for the mast of the Flag of Brazil, creative people. Thus I finish my report, displaying one more time the importance it study of history and them field research, after all, as we will understand the gift without knowing our past?