Travel To New Orleans

When in the summer of 1963 he traveled to New Orleans is employed by the firm Reilly Coffee Company. It is owned by Jack Reilly, known ultra rightist guerillas sponsor of Cuban exiles. Oswald shortly start distributing pro-Castro leaflets (the beginning of his “bath sheep” to make it look like a communist pro-castro) the address indicated in the pamphlets as the office of “Fair Play For Cuba” coincides with the the office of Guy Banister, a former agent known the ONI and the FBI and funded right-wing anti-Castro guerrillas to mount an invasion of Cuba. That is, while a member of “Fair Play to Cuba” (Fair Play for Cuba Committee) is wicker plus the Caribbean Anti-Communist League (Anti-Communist League caribbean of the Caribbean) and Friends for a democratic Cuba (Friends of Democratic Cuba ).And his official control is the FBI agent Guy Bannister, the FBI’s Chicago office and former FBI officer of the Office of Naval Intelligence officer, whose office “Guy Bannister Associates, Inc.” is a known CIA front for training anti-Castro Cubans, was located in 544 Camp Street, New Orleans. Camp 544 was the location of Oswald’s pro-Communist organization “Fair Dominica Play for Cuba Committee.” the building of the Office of Naval Intelligence was in charge of 544 Camp. On the same street, just meters from this office are the offices of the ONI, the FBI and Secret Service in New Orleans. Funny place chosen to mount island a pro-Castro Marxist shed. . Losexiliados Many hard-liners pass by.