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“Internet platform for videos from transport and logistics the Internet portal under launches the motto see what moves the industry” launches to the transport logistic 2011″. Operators want to build out the new platform to the central point of contact for moving images and videos from the areas of freight forwarding, logistics and mobility target group distribute. Frankfurt/Munich, June 6, 2011 – companies, which successfully communicate on the Internet, take advantage of increasingly moving images”, know Uwe Berndt, Managing Director of the operating company BM productions (Frankfurt). This settled professionally made videos about complex issues clearly represent and generate emotions at the same time, the communication expert is convinced. “Berndt: seeing and hearing is much stronger and faster than reading.” Technological heart of the portal, which sees itself as a focal point for moving image content, is a content management system that has been developed specially for All content be prepared such that they can be found reliably via search engines. An editorial text that describes the content of the videos is basis for this form of distribution.

The article and tags are created by an editorial, specializing in logistics issues. In addition, the editors create texts for the social networks, XING, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as for all freely accessible PR portals. In addition, a separate YouTube is parallel “-channel planned.” Our goal is systematically to market every post and thereby to increase the range. Because what good is the best video, if there is no one”Uwe Berndt explains the benefits of the platform. Starting around 100 clips on various subjects are available for online, until the end of the year it should be nearly 1,000. Generation Web 2.0 “: media literacy grows the PR agency owner Uwe Berndt had the idea almost two years ago together with his colleague Managing Director Christoph Muller, also communications specialist.