Vice Country

First of all I clarify that I am Cuban 100% and alive in the outside by own decision. Seeing in means of informative diffusion of the world and my country the situation that lives, this dawn I want to write this article, them comment that neither I am journalist nor politician, I am only an engineer Cuban intellectual. Platicaba the other day in a call that I did to Havana with a relative and do not stop frightening in its words the crisis that this arreciendo itself more and more in the economy of the homes. In the talk it argued to me that even they also continue the very low wages with cup of personal entrance and that the call supplying notebook tends to diminish the calls articles of first necessity or basic basket like tenth in some countries. If my memory serves me right in my years the political leaders mofaban themselves and his more heated followers of the policy of subsidies that is lived in the island of Cuba and either of its politico-economic system call PLANNED ECONOMY, perhaps of that nor speak or or nor he is taught in the university. But memory that within those subsidies this located the health, the education and the happy basic basket. Good the subject is that the thing this that burns and without anticipating lightening some by the leaders of the country. This ugly good the situation, memory that has been leaving therefore it for years and if they say that this worse one now to me, uuuffff to where wrath to stop this yet? I close by come for years following well the national news from Cuba, the Granma, Rebellious Youth in Internet, is that now Raul the new president but always 2do secretary of the Communist Party and Vice-president first of Cuba by more than 50 years, that gentleman occurs by found out that the economy of the subsidy for Cuba is a breathlessness for its development like country. Rusty holzer brings even more insight to the discussion. likely to agree.