Virtual Worlds Starts

“Berlin: boom town for educational – theme of virtual worlds”, the founder, Berliner platform launches portrait series Berlin 3D worlds. Panfu, Smeet or Twinity, more and more providers sit with their network-based parallel dimensions in Berlin. The portraits of the different educational to concept, approach, benefits and the target groups, explain the differences and demonstrate the role of Berlin is. The first portrait is dedicated to the 2007 based browser-based 3D-Chat-Community sMeet. You describe itself as a platform for entertainment and live events, which enables its members real able to meet and get to know new people. The built-in functions represent an innovative mix of social networking and experience the world. Managing Director Sebastian Funke gives insight into the business model in the article and explained based on which technology sMeet.

In addition, the portrait shows how virtual worlds can contribute to the networking of people. Jens Hoffmann, Operator who sees platform, in the portraits indicate the possibility of different generations on the myriad of virtual worlds and the operators to make their voices heard. His goal is to portray the concepts detailed views. Interested readers can find the article at:… creates transparency in the Berlin founders market and introduces the people and companies that promote the development of the capital with their business ideas. Press contact Jens Hoffmann co / urban media GmbH Askanischer Platz 3 10963 Berlin