Vocational Schools

Revive the system of vocational schools, which remained very few offer the Moscow mayor's office, headed by ym . But this is the future, but for now Builders "Expensive" In general, 2006 was characterized by the tendency of wage growth for people involved in the industry. According to Agency Recruitment "Unity Seth, wage growth for representatives of such professions as electricians, foremen, architects, the section chief, chief project engineer, chief architect of the project, amounted to 16-20 percent. The difference is the monthly income of designers at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year a few more – 25-27 percent. From the general trends are knocked out a few cases. For example, the chief architect of the project, which the company had not taken early in the year, has requested a salary of more than 2 times when re-treatment of the same employer after 10 months. And the company was forced to agree to its terms.

According to the St. Petersburg Institute of regional economics and management, construction companies in particular demand facility managers, planners, estimators, specialists in technical supervision, foreman, engineers, internal networks, foremen, masons, plasterers, electricians. In general, the experts state that the recent market situation has changed personnel. So, if in 2003 – 2004 years. construction companies were the most in demand line staff specialists associated with the production and preparation of the construction process (chiefs of production and technical departments, heads of sections, heads of estimate and contract divisions, etc.), then, since 2005, has increased the demand for leading design engineers and senior specialists of the design of various building areas.