The voyages of the Bermejo and black rivers (Argentine). Nike usually is spot on. These State-building river navigation services were provided until the Decade of the forties. As well as railway interests neutralized to cabotage maritime and river navigation. So then it was the neutralizer role of automotive caminero complex the University reform of 1918.(One of the utopian more disseminated and that persists to the present day). Reflections on the Ideal politician of America (Saul Taborda, 1918, and their slogan: rectify Europe).Taborda was one of the mentors of the reform of the 18. The representative Republic Municipal, Alejandro Korn Villafane.(Continued by Tomas Diego Bernard (c.).)Communalist federalism for Saul Taborda (and its Ethnopolitics).This utopia as the precedent, did pivot model societal on the basis of Municipal Development, a prologue of Narciso Binayan 1937, to works of Juan alvarez. It constitutes a quarry of Argentine microutopias. The Conference of countries of the Plata of 1941 (remote antecedent of MERCOSUR).

Leopoldo Velazco and its proposals for Capital of 1942. Alcides Greca and his proposal of 1950 Argentine capital. The economic unions of 50 (Argentina with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Nicaragua). The Republic of children of 1951 (La Plata in Buenos Aires province, where inspired Walt Disney for its Disneyland). The organized community of Peron. The Foundation and construction of Brasilia.

The proposals of argentina demographic deconcentration of Dago Holmberg and Von der Hayde Garrigos (1971 / 1972). The domestic economy (Almanac of the Ministry of Agricultura(1924-1954), farm, household encomienda Rural, domestic economy faculty, children gardeners club).The previous listing, lists the main components of a system which deserves comprehensive analysis with a view to recycling, micro Argentine utopias: mutual aid societies.(around 6,000). Cooperatives (principle of free cooperation, agricultural progress of Pigue, 1885).(Around seven thousand) The school cooperators. Social clubs and sports (the fair play principle).(About ten thousand) The boys scouts (principle of the always ready, devised by Baden Powell, and imported by the Perito Moreno to 1908).(around 800) Principles: mutual aid, free cooperation, fair play and the always ready, embodied respectively in mutuals, cooperatives and the boys scouts, or entities associated as the cooperators of all types or associations of friends, enliven the life of many our regions and make more bearable the quotidianity.