Where Greece Retains Its Originality

The Northern Sporades Greek originality is evident in his island world most impressive. The streets of the cities are too small, that cars could clog it and there are coves who have leisure throughout the day on its own. Separated from the Mainland, travelers here enjoy culture and nature in its purest form. Ab-in-den-urlaub.de travel portal reported about the virtues of the Northern Sporades. Around 135 Islands and rocky islets of the Northern Sporades Islands lie off the East coast of the Mainland of Greece. It attracts tourists mostly in the hotels Skiathos or Skopelos. While the latter only by ferry to reach, Skiathos has an international airport. He is from Germany with Olympic Airlines to reach.

Another possibility is called on the peninsula Pelion, Pelion also travel via the city of Volos. It is served by Air Berlin, among others. Ferry crossing lasts about an hour, skopelos according to from Volos to Skiathos approximately two hours. For Travelers seeking relaxation on holiday, especially worth the longer journey. Also the Greeks generally they prefer the bustling Skiathos Skopelos is quiet; However, both islands have the typical Greek Mediterranean charm. There are lemon, almond and fig trees, which exude a heady scent. wledge base. The quality of the beaches is excellent on both islands. Night owls should refer rather to Skiathos. There, there are numerous bars and nightclubs, which the night sometimes make the day.