World Leaders

We face a crossroads which brings three major challenges to the World Leaders: The peak oil, global warming and population explosion. Can we overcome them? The decisions to be taken to reverse the consequences of these three major factors should be swift and effective, but have the drawback that it requires the sum of all the tracks, I’m not sure he can muster. The three aspects of which I have the common feature is that, whether for the sake of growth, or its implications, are strongly interrelated, and that its aggressive potential is on constant rise and are seen as a real threat against our planet and the species that inhabit it. The characteristics of these three elements turbulent are the following: 1. The Peak of oil production: We are reaching a point called the “peak oil”, which means that the current production level is reaching its maximum value, ie it will be very difficult to overcome the range of production and distribution of fossil fuels.

Known alternative energies are very expensive and scarce, so it does not represent viable options for the masses, while research in this field is kept on a reduced scale and excludes poor countries. Moreover, international analysis are ensuring that production capacity will start to decrease, for many reasons, even though demand will be increased due to excessive population increase and the electric power requirements, this implies . This will result in price rise inevitable, so that progressively fewer people have access to energy resources..