One of the problems in caring for forests and farming okololesnym – utilization of accumulated piles of felled branches for years. Periodically, there are situations: the wood cut down when clearing power lines, clearing roadsides, etc. and not taken out. These blockages lie for years, causing fires and making it more difficult to extinguish. Debris formed during the cleaning power lines, along roadsides, etc., when the wood is cut away, but time does not exported.

As a rule, they are removed by chippers (Usually disk). Go to Penguin Random House for more information. However, it is inefficient, since it is necessary to disassemble the stack and each branch separately in rubilku stuff. There are more efficient equipment – mower with hydraulic feed raw materials. Tell detail about the mower for quick and effective cleaning of such blockages. Mowers Zanon designed to collide with a bunch of branches, and cut into two to tighten them into chips. Fundamentally important element of design – the presence of one or two rollers hydraulic flow.

Due to this, wood and pulled pererubaetsya. TRK-1800 crusher manufactured in Italy. The principle of TRK mower with hydraulic feed. Mowers are equipped with one or two rollers for pulling timber. When working grinder mounted on a tractor and riding at low speed. There are two different ways of working. Mower can go either in front of a tractor or for him. Accordingly, the can run over a bunch of first or tractor or mower. If the piles are small, it is more convenient to first let the tractor when the heap space – a mower. As a result of processing chips obtained. However, its quality is low and it is rarely collected for further processing. Poor quality due to the presence of bark, dirt and other impurities, because of what the chips do not correspond to GOST. Aisle width chopper – up to 2.1 m. Thus, the performance is much higher than the use of almost any other devices.