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Series: The new sale (part 5) the gladly called cuddle hormone oxytocin enhances our happiness and pleasure potential. It is neuro-chemical balm for our soul. It has a relaxing and health-promoting. It produced cerebral always then reinforced when it comes to a meeting to introduce fixed bindings. It makes inseparable lovers, binds parents to their children and creates social relationships. It promotes even defending of their own group. Oxytocin focuses on the interaction and increases the willingness to trust. y-Amenable-to-Skipping-Exon-5.html’>Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and add to your knowledge base.

It can heal even damaged confidence. It reinforces the feeling and make us generous. It inhibits the aggressive instinct, and leaves only to melt stress. It promotes the openness to allow interpersonal contacts and makes us peaceful. It makes us too emphatic. The Messenger substance helps to sharpen the look for the mood of others, by interpreting their facial expression and voice.

Oxytocin gives social contacts previously was a good feeling Oxytocin as a pregnancy hormone that initiates the contractions and ensures a close mother-child bond. Now we know: oxytocin can do very much more. It acts as an intermediary and combines social contacts with a good feeling. Under his influence, shuts down the fear Center. Most importantly, it ensures that rewarding behavior appears to be wiederholenswert. Without oxytocin social species could not survive”, emphasizes the psychologist of Markus Heinrichs, who worked at the Zurich University on the subject and now teaches at the University of Freiburg. In his studies, was revealed that couples under the administration of oxytocin less arguing, and the cortisol level charge of stress reactions was low. Oxytocin promotes well, as other studies suggest the social behavior of people with autism. Men treated with the hormone-like substance could empathize with is easier in the context of a pharmacological experiment in the emotional situation of others. In addition, they achieved faster learning success than under normal circumstances.