Other Histories That I Remember – The Eighth History

I adore histories that my mother counts, penalty that does not remember all the details to me. I remember of that one where one of the sisters of it confused alligator with a lagarto that was sleeping in one valeta it makes right and it with a club without having notion of the danger and without knowing what animal was, very well alone it found that it was a half great lizard. Times later lode namely that it had killed an alligator. has that one another one of another sister who dislocated the arm in a trick with the sisters and from fear the quarrel had not counted pra nobody and the poor person passed the remaining portion of the life with the shoulder if dislocating toa. of coitada of first hen that my grandmother, that counted that he was very braba and all had fear of it, ordered my mother to prepare with only nine years.

For being child it did not have force to destroncar the neck of the hen that suffered very with the neck pulled ones that received, the poor person if it did not turn canja with certainty would suffer to a baita torcicolo, as if the suffering of half hour with the pokes was not enough, my satisfied mother finding that already it had given handle of the life of unfortunate person decided that already it in the water was hour to place fervente to take off the penalties and she is not that without luck still was alive and left jumping pra is of the pan, all escaldada. My mother was the terror of the penosas, but the funny one is that same my mother being the only one in house that ‘ ‘ executava’ ‘ also the coitadas ones were in who the same ones more trusted. It has the history of my uncle when small it found a note of kings and not wise person how much the value, it was joined with my mother and the two cabeudos had been to the warehouse to buy everything of banana.

AIDS Mistake

If for the implemented circumstances of the life conscientiously or not. To be sad, desolate with the loss of the job, to make what? If feels enfadonho therefore left it. to make what? If the foods had lost the flavor, to make what? If it was not approved in that one so waited competition, to make what? If the grana did not give pra to buy that carro, to make what? If the flowers had lost its aroma, forms and shades, to make what? If its great love still did not appear, to make what? If it is only felt in way to a multitude, to make what? If it discovered that you have an illness type AIDS, HPV, to make HERE what? It looks at its return well and you will see that you are not only. If for everything this you even think about attenuating such problems with aprpria death! Bobagem. By chance already it stopped to deeply reflect on the intention Mr. for you? Already it looked for to verify where you have made a mistake, or acted it makes a mistake damente -? because it did not make it? One remembers that the son Of it, it passed for what it passed, and fmos we we made who it. Therefore as it gets over, repairs the errors he adjusts and them them. This is what it has to be fact, does not find? Spirit, searchs it and.

Familiar Budget

Amongst the several other concerns that the Brazilian government possesss, the inflation is certainly one where the attentions always are come back to prevent it or at least attenuating it. Given the decades where the increase of prices was constant and in sped up rhythm, all the cares of the authorities objectifying to control this so harmful problem to the society are praiseworthy and must be supported. What the government has made to control the inflation? Which the main factors that currently affect the prices of our economy? Which the importance of the products and services in the composition of the inflation? The increase of prices is determined by diverse factors such as increase of the search, increase of the production costs, reduction of offers among others. On the other hand, also it can occur a reduction in the prices, deflation, that can be determined by an increase in the productivity, increase in offers, this occurs very with agricultural products, or other factors. However, given times where already the perversity occurred and that affects the people, the great concern of the majority of the people is with the inflation.

A great concern of the government is to measure the inflation that is next possible to the real increase of the prices in accordance with what the people buy. For this, a measure that encloses a great number of people and with that, on average, these people spend the income for month. To come close itself to the reality, the government chose as measured official of inflation the one that is measured by the IPCA (Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer) measured by the IBGE and that it encloses families who gain up to 30 minimum wages in ten regions metropolitans and the city of Goinia.

Helena Aramendia

Without intention: we bought cattle tenders who enchant to us, and soon we must return to change them by a celebration dress that we needed for the next week. With intention to be you practice: we go directly to by the celebration dress, and chose in addition the purse that has the most discreet label to be able to give back it later. With intention to clear the sadness to us of above: we go away to the most expensive store and we bought the dress, the shoes, and the purse. Of we go there to the hairdressing salon. With intention to happen afternoon: we call to a friend, we at night tried on dresses, suits of work, and shelters, but we did not buy anything.

In conclusion, to define clearly our intention before happening to the action, helps us to obtain results more in agreement with which we want. That one in which we focused our attention is what we found. In case some has curiosity in why or how this one process occurs, the reason (simplified) is the following one: since we have already spoken sometimes previous, we are energy living in a sea of energy and constant interaction with her. In this level, contrary to which it happens with the electronics, the equals are attracted. The feelings (the intention is a feeling) are real power fields and tangible, able to produce effects in the physical world, so when we do something with intention, we are putting an immense motor additional to which we do. That motor resonates and so he is similar in the universe (that is the sea of energy in which we were) and by resonance, meets and so it has a similar energy. It happens just as with mercury of a broken thermometer.

It has never happened to you? The tiny small balls of the liquid metal tend to join themselves, as if they were clear to each other. Then this is the same, but at power level. We can also imagine to us that it is as if we had a great magnet and we were attracting selectively and without effort the metal pieces of a gigantic well that contains diverse elements. Without the magnet, it would be much more difficult to find them and to gather them. The power of the intention is like the power of the magnet. When putting ours intention in which we do, we amplified the power to attract the result that interests to us more, right the one that is more important for us. I hope that you very well paseis exploring this one concept. It is funny, practical and it will only take seconds to you. Before doing or deciding something, simply you know clearly what is your intention on the matter. You will already tell the difference me that this does in your life.