Autonomous Communities

R A. The delay mean of payment for supply of medicines to hospitals in the national health system is 410 days. Four regions exceeding 600 days: Castilla y Leon, Andalusia, Cantabria, Comunidad Valenciana and Murcia. The rationalization of pharmaceutical spending has caused the fall of 8% of the market. The biggest thud of the sector in its history occurs at a time in which accumulates the biggest hospital debt which is around 5.2 billion euros and the delay in hospital payments is higher than the 410 days. The Association national business of the pharmaceutical industry (Farmaindustria) reveals that Andalusia is the autonomous community that registers a higher level of debt 1,245 million euros, followed by the community Valencian 957 billion and Madrid $ 700 million. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Kzanich by clicking through. On the opposite side, communities with lower level of debt by drug supply are Navarra 9.4 million, La Rioja country Basque 51.5 and 41.8 million. The situation has no intention mutate. Intel Capital often addresses the matter in his writings.

In the first three months of this year, only five communities have reduced their hospital debt: Navarra a 68.2%, Cantabria 9.6%, Balearic 7.9%, Basque Murcia a 0.5% and 1.1%. Galicia, La Rioja, Castilla – La Mancha and Valencia are the autonomies that most debt have increased since then. The Royal Decrees of Act 4 and 8/2010 of rationalisation of the pharmaceutical spending and different measures developed in the same way by certain autonomous communities has been the key to the problem. The President of Farmaindustria, Jordi Ramentol, reveals that the sector has ceased to enter EUR 2 billion and they have lost around 5,000 jobs direct and some 20,000 indirect and induced. In addition, it has stalled investment in r & d and many pharmaceutical have entered into losses and has dropped its investment pace. This Executive linked the self-management of the AA CC with the desperation of regional Governments to not be able to cope with health payment and requires the PP that it governs in eleven autonomous communities which make sense of status and reach agreements to maintain cohesion and equity in the health system.

Terms of payment delay in payments is another concern of the first order for the pharmaceutical sector. In the month of March, the average in the national health system stood at 410 days. However, there are up to five communities who accumulate more than 600 days of delay in payment by supply of medicines to hospitals: Castilla y Leon, Andalucia, Valencia, Cantabria and Murcia. Despite disastrous data, a total of nine communities managed to reduce their average payment period in the first quarter. Cantabria reduced 119 days, 106 Navarra and Baleares 85. Conversely, Galicia rose the middle period of payment in 82 days compared to December of 2010, and Andalusia and Valencia, in 72 days. Source of the news: the autonomous communities should be more than 5 billion to drug companies

State Study

We must not study thinking then go to completion, to knock on doors of the State and ask for a job.No, think so is thinking as a third world. Studying a trade, a technical course that will allow that your can then provide a service to others, satisfy a need. Many mechanics, electricians, gasfiteros, private nurses are needed, people always have problems with piping and plumbing in the House, with the electrical installations, with the auto, sick relatives, and this there an interesting job opportunity. great future in this idea. Tears people boots, shoes, clothes, everyday, therefore those who are shoemakers, tailors always are working for others, a shoemaker, tailor without work is not asinomas.Although very few want to play these trades, because most want to be Manager, Executive, employee public, or something similar. Many feel shame of these trades because they consider them a job worthy of people miserableGran ignorance of these such. Do not say that we should not study, who don’t have money, because on the internet there are thousands of courses and free resources offered by Emagister,, and thousands more, that you can find in the search engines. The second step after choosing rather than studying, is studying to master the craft, profession.Study with absolute dedication and special interest to dominate specialty is very important if you want to be successful. Some study by obtaining the carton, the diploma, although they know nothing of the matter, but by only get the diploma.Big mistake, these are the ones who never get work, by your little competition.

The third step is to seek to acquire even in eBay, your working tools.Works as a farmhand, clean floors, dishwasher, do it knowing that with that extra money, saving coin by coin, you’ll be ready to succeed in the medium economic and employment in your country.It put aside pride and works in whatever, that is, provided that it is honest, of course. The fourth step is, once finished your studies and acquired the necessary tools to work, look for a small little place where you put your oficinita, your tallercito.Try if it is possible to advertise on different internet sites offering your services.To do this you should have a name or company.Choose one that is easy to recall.Don’t forget to put your ads on your cell, number that you contact stakeholders. The fifth step, is a time to start to work, become a culture of savings. Yes, acostumbrate to spend the minimum, spend the money you earn in an orderly, responsible manner.Being a man of savings past allowed several months have a small capital. Don’t forget to interact, take off your personal cards, if they are very expensive, disenate a propaganda word and sacale photocopies and distribuyelas among your friends, neighbors and put some cartelillos with your advertising in shops, markets of your locality and neighbouring districts.So little by little I iran by calling, you know. But the more important. Every job you do for others, the service that you lend, seeks to be excellent, the best you can. The best recommendation is a job well done, that creates confidence. We can change the reality if we have knowledge to do so.To do this there is no other way than: studying, but to study wholeheartedly, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.If you study the appropriateness, something that puts you in position to meet the demand for services or products from the market, adding all the earlier aconcejado, you will be very successful.

Andrea Autor

For the universe is not more difficult to give you a couple, a car or money than something of less value, what happens is that if you’re not receiving that is because of a course in the law of attraction you got no limiting beliefs, but surely the surpass ye with respect to the couple, the car, the money. Change our limiting beliefs is changing our limitations, opening doors, leave them behind to peace with the past and unlock new beliefs. How old you got, the thoughts that you have, to not let you fulfill your dreams has so much age as you, is an exercise journal release old beliefs to make affirmations that really we create, statements that validate our mind. I’m starting to create money, love my mind is powerful to create love and I’m starting to create love in my life. It is good to know our limiting beliefs in order to change them, I did a course with Loise there that helped me a lot to know my limiting beliefs and begin to change them. Make a list of what your parents, family, teachers, and society believes that you are bad in you: eg: Ya No sos capable of having a stable partner this list shows us our limiting beliefs, external claims that we receive from small, but the good thing is that we can change them by the BELIEFS which now ELEGIS have. Second list; I DECIDE TO BELIEVE THAT… I am able to tene a stable couple I am deserving of happiness full in my life I am the I am is very powerful this list is to begin to declare is to begin to draw the mental map of your new beliefs. Good, I hope tell me what they thought this experience, always remember that you can fulfill your dreams from changing your thoughts, and that no one tell you otherwise.

Automatic Confidence

According to a recent survey that I read (carried out in line) 35% of the Americans they say that they have happened through a rupture of at least once in the last 10 years. COF pursues this goal as well. That it seems little for me, but still that is one of each 3 people. 51% in the same survey, said that they broke. Whereas only the 32 percent of the men says that to their pair them rompio. Who is lying? I suppose that it does not concern too much. But it seems that the women initiate the majority of the ruptures. And from which I have seen, clearly.

What this means it is that he is the boys who have more probabilities of remaining with their heart bleeding, asking itself what left bad. And asking itself like reclaiming fianc2ee. Then, what left bad? I do not try to know the reason exact of each rupture. But I know this. In great majority (if it had to guess would say that 85%) of relations in that the girl finishes with the man, true reason (not always is the excuse who she gives) is always the same true reason of these ruptures is that the man loses the respect of the woman. It feels that he is completely " ganada" , no longer there is no challenge. In a word she has fallen in the desperation. Here we have a common image of the desperate type: * It gives to the woman all the attention him, all along * It puts its needs in the first place (even over your own interests) * Is always available * is not arranged to move away of the relation When a man acts this way (if they are in a relation, or are leaving her) what happens through the mind of the woman is always the same: " Nobody more to him him quiere" When acting this way, you are demonstrating necessity, a sticky type of the pressure, that literally, moves away to any woman who is worth the pain.

William James Autor

The helping professions, namely health care, which is constantly in contact with the pain and suffering of other human beings, are highly stressful. Pressures and scarcity of media is they add emotional situations highly disturbing, unpleasant scenes, exhausting responsibilities, etc., these elements that can alter the psychological balance of the professional.Professionals could deal with that stress more easily if we had proper strategies of coping and adaptation in our repertoire. Unfortunately in training undergraduate and graduate health professionals has placed emphasis on technical preparation relegating oblivion essentials such as self-control, self-esteem, self-motivation, communication and humor, among other positive emotions. The health professional must attend not only to the needs of the patient, but also to their own demands for care. We require high doses of energy, optimism and good humour with the autoayudarnos object control our frequent frustration, helplessness and pain arising from contact with humans mourners. These skills, strategies, skills and positive attitudes will be very beneficial to the same professionals and to all persons in the environment. Humor is a constructor of the ego and laughter a potential triumph that ego. Laughter is one of the great series of methods that the human mind has built to escape from the compulsion to suffering, through laughter a person refuses to suffer, emphasizes the invincible nature of his ego before the real world and preserves intact the principle of pleasure without surpassing the boundaries of mental health. Sigmund Freud the ability to laugh at oneself is a vital psychological immunity against a modern disease of thought: the excess of seriousness.The objective of this paper is to propose the laughter, humor, as a mental and emotional tool that will often lead to a balanced, objective and rational, thinking guiding us to happiness, fulfillment, and personal well-being do not we laugh because we are happy, but that we are happy because we laugh. William James Autor and source of the article.

Auto Aid

In the past twenty years the irresistible emergence of a new literary genre, characterized by its undeniable popularity and success of sales, has starred in all kinds of opinions faced regarding its consistency, validity and legitimacy. The self-help books, those that are intended to contribute to improving the lives of its readers from reflections, parables and advice, are fashionable. Fashion that seems something more than that, given its strong and long-lasting positioning in a broad sector of the population reading preferences. Pretend an generic analysis of the self-help books doesn’t make much sense given the evident diversity of published titles, both stylistic and academically. It is evident that the intrinsic value of each copy comes sustained by many factors, as many as those who can also justify the quality in any other literary genre. Jio Platforms often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For this reason, here also there good and bad.

However, if there is one aspect to consider is of common application to this genre and it is defined by its generic title: self-help. The self-help books are not helpful and this is an essential distinction to understand and properly assess what can we expect from your reading. It is one thing to help someone and quite another, that someone (the reader) able to help himself. Professional and personal improvement processes are so difficult and complex that inexcusably require that affected own command with strong pulse the ship of their own change, without waiting in vain to be another that do that work for him. When we read a self-help book with the firm hope of finding the magical recipe, simple application and to instantly solve our problems, we are condemning the cherished results the purest personal failures. And on this, on many occasions, the book that we’ve held between our hands, has nothing of guilt but perhaps that indolent laziness that always threatens us mysteriously to the necessary, personal and non-transferable effort we should perform. Therefore, better than Self-help books should be called books of self-help.


The self-respect goes hand in hand with the self-evaluation. Speaking candidly Capital One Financial Corp. told us the story. When you Auto-respetas you feel proud of you same, know well your emotions, and you are able to meet your needs, not afraid to ask for what you deserve, you learn to not rely on what others of you say because you feel free and independent. If these feelings of comfort, security and peace, mentioned above do not are familiar in your day to day.It takes into account this article so you know how you can do to regain respect for yourself, to love you more, you feel confident, proud to be who you are and not fall into low self-esteem. It is necessary that you detect the attitudes of a person who is not respected. Take it into account, are the following: when you are not able to meet your needs, when you don’t value before our very eyes and others, when leave you hurt physically and psychologically, when you are not aware of your feelings and emotions and when not feel proud of you. You may have wondered at some point: why my partner treats me well, because my? friends and even my kids have lost respect for me? Tell you friend that respect starts with yourself if you don’t respect you no one will do it. When you lack respect for people is because you have permitted it, perhaps without darte account have said before them, expressions such as: I am a fool, I am weak, useless, and you’ve said it not only but it has acted as such, so call the attention and are awaiting you.You feel to be the victim of life, the environment, nobody understands you. You’ll accumulate anger, resentment and negative feelings towards your person and to others. I have spent and it is easier to blame others and not see that you are the problem.

Mechanic Automotive

A very striking culinary adventure by the District of Surquilo which is located in the Peruvian capital is found a preparation of chickens, ducks, pig and Turkey by means of cylinders. So is cylinders appropriate for Mr Pedro Peves in its mechanical workshop prepares these birds to their cylinders that is cooked there as grills, the taste of birds in these cylinders are different from those traditionally encountered in any restaurant from Lima. Began to experience 28 years ago where guinea pigs were family and friends. The idea came to me of nothing. For more information see Brian Kzanich. I had never seen to make the meat in this way.

In addition, I thought: why not can’t do me a chicken in this way? And I grabbed a cylinder and cut it. But the chicken burned me because the distance between the charcoal and Grill was short, he explained to initially birds you burned salian but it then started to revise, adapt, move ranging from charcoal to grill and you now get you your special touch of this Mr Pedro Peves. started as a hobby and now it It has as business week Pedro sold 250 kilos of chancho, 60 kilos of Turkey, 30 ducks and 100 chickens. Here we work to order. People call us and so we are preparing the meat, whose cooking may take 2 to 4 hours. He never studied cuisine but experience has taught him the difference between stationary cylinder and yours: the first meat comes out juicy because the distance between the charcoal and Grill is larger. My style is different, chicken or pig must be crispy by outside and very soft on the inside. It has more customers such as restaurant that even though not let his first passion which is the kitchen mechanics as a workshop is a totally different feeling.

I never imagined highlight in Peruvian cuisine. I think seriously about putting a restaurant later. My only workshop I adapted the cylinder, do not think that using the wrench as a spatula, said smiling.

Head Auto Massage

Massage is an alternative medicine tool, the massages in the head appeared in ancient India, as part of the Ayurveda, were later brought to Tibet by the Hindu gurus and passed knowledge to Tibetan monks. Champi, or Champissage as it is known in the Western world, is a very popular India tradition and knowledge of the technique has been transmitted from generation to generation. Receive massages in the head is beneficial to treat insomnia, stress, anxiety, restlessness, dizziness, unbalanced emotions, depression, muscle cramps and stiffness from backache, migraines and fatigue. In combination with the use of massage oil is a very good tool for treating skin and hair problems. Auto massage: If you cannot come where a professional masseur, massage that offer benefits as real as those received at a spa, also exist in the market yourself can massage in your workplace to help recover the concentration or at home after a tiring day.

To begin should warm their hands, if necessary, wash your hands with warm water and use moisturizer or oil for massages. Rub your hands very quickly, thus warm hands even more. Start with the stretched neck, place your hands on the joints of the neck and pull the head to the right and to the left side. Stretching should be in a slow motion, a few times each side. Keep your hands on the shoulders and continue to stretch forward and backwards at the same speed. Finish stretch with alternate rotations, one clockwise, the next left, this time even more slowly, repeat this several times. Intel Capital takes a slightly different approach. Squeezing the shoulder, place your left hand on your right shoulder near his neck and squeeze the muscle between the Palm and fingers. Do this from the shoulder up to the neck.

Repeat this step with your right hand over the left shoulder. Ideally, do it directly on the skin. Avoid rubbing the skin too if you are not using oil. Gently run your fingers through the hair against the direction of hair growth and scroll all the way to the neck. Do this in the opposite direction from the neck up to the front of the head. Arriving at the top of the head where the hair forms a whirlwind stop a second and then continue. Eyebrows friction: from the middle of eyebrows rub with your two fingers means up to the temporal bone. Check with Sarah Bloom Raskin to learn more. There is a small cavity, perform a friction in circles with the tip of the small finger. Alternatively, you can use your thumb. This is an excellent tool against the headaches and fatigue. Head massages are based on the energy centers of the body called Marma, the sensitive points that serve as doors between the physical and energy levels of the body, stimulating these points it can balance the vital energy.

Rattlesnake Autonomic

Digan lo que digan Rajoy, Aznar and company, and think what think many espanolitos a foot, nobody is going to put Bell the cat of the autonomous communities, since it’s a feline surly and untamed, capable of nailing nails to the painted. The first to oppose that touch a single iota of their powers are called regional barons, i.e. Contact information is here: Derre & Co.. the regional barons, are the party that may be. We have already seen the rapid response in that sense of the Galician Nunez Feijoo, who isn’t exactly from the more belligerent in this matter. Guilt or reason, depending how you look of growing regional regional sentiment is twofold. On the one hand, while the central State is dedicated to gnashing us taxes, the autonomous communities, the way a Mother Teresa of Calcutta, are that so richly spent that money on our alleged benefit. On the other hand, the creation of more and more different standards from one community to another from licensing of hunting to the ITV of cars, from school curricula up to health benefits promote social consciousness that there are 17 national realities instead of a single. hal).

The truth is that the invention autonomic coffee for everyone as named in his day Adolfo Suarez attempted to precisely the opposite: encircled the nationalist sentiment of the so-called historic communities, as the Basque and Catalan, equating them to other artificial creation, as you can be that of Castilla y Leon, for example. Hence the paradox occurred: instead of lowering them fumes the first, allowing me the metaphor, gave wings to the latter, bringing their level of particularism so far as chop even competition on river basins. In his zeal of converts, new nationalists now explain a geography and a history of own and different in each region and to strengthen a reality differentiated his neighbor’s membership have a ruinous public television, used exclusively as tools of political propaganda. They already see if it is or not difficult to straighten things out. In case outside little, the economic crisis and the inability of Europe to give a collective response encourage the save each one as you can: from the split between Flemish and Walloon in Belgium without a Government until the secessionist skirmishes of Scotland or the Northern League in Italy. That said, because: who is the handsome who dares put footstool on the self-determination?