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Bermuda in proportion to its land area has more golf courses than any other territory in the world; from the equator, it is the northernmost Island, which has coral formations. And last not least: Bermuda is the oldest English colony in the Commonwealth. The island’s Parliament is almost as old as the Parliament of Westminster; It regulates the Affairs of Bermuda for a long time, leaving only foreign policy and defence London. The small island Kingdom is full of oddities. It has an abundant flora and a colourful bird life, these caves and underground-fed ponds, where live turtles and exotic fish. Passenger cars are so numerous that only a car accorded to each family in Bermuda. Some car owners have removed their bumpers to not exceed the prescribed maximum length for passenger cars.

A car the size of a Bentley is housewives and students, allows only the Governor, but also many tourists, you see everywhere on mopeds, move out. Any place in Bermuda is in a few hours by taxi, bus, walking distance ferry or bicycle. The archipelago is so densely populated that Bermuda has itself early for birth control decided. At the same time employment; in the high season, from Easter to October, even over-full. Poverty is rare in Bermuda. The biggest problem of the island colony is the fresh water supply, because there is no natural sources.

It has made a virtue out of necessity and put on a dazzling white special roof the houses, so that the rain water can be collected and stored. Bermuda is a very clean place. The pink, lime green and Lambert-painted houses and hotels are a sexy sight for all visitors who want to relax in Bermuda from the hustle and bustle and pollution of the industrial cities. However, the holiday fun in Bermuda is expensive. The supermarkets and shops carry brands from all over the world. Also here the Bill is usually higher than at home, because hardly anything in Bermuda itself produced. Especially for the foreign workers in the hotels and shops are profitable. On the Bermuda high will Salaries, but no income taxes paid. While the archipelago has its own currency, but the US dollar is the most widely used means of payment. So far were about ninety percent of visitors from the United States and Canada, but the decline in dollar brings Western Europeans increasingly on the island. The picturesque capital of Hamilton is visited by cruise ships every season. That are strikingly numerous liquor stores”, the liquor stores on the colorful lively Front Street. The churches are much more frequent. All denominations of the Church of England until the Mormons, advertise on weekends on two sides of the island newspaper Bermuda Royal Gazette to visit their church services. Much is unmistakably British, but everywhere the American influence is felt. The first Englishman, one hundred years after the discovery of Bermuda settled, were shipwrecked, who originally wanted to Virginia. They found Bermuda uninhabited, but to their surprise, there were many pigs, which apparently came from the Spanish ships stranded on the Islands. Already in the year 1620, the English colonists in Saint Georges formed an island Parliament. This first capital of Bermuda has been stylishly restored for future generations and has more charm than the centrally located Hamilton. Sailor from Bermuda played the role of possess and weapon smugglers in the American struggle for independence and during the civil war. For field work, they purchased African slaves. You will find more information here. Heino Tegeler

Friedrich List

The IFO business climate index is but since winter has risen slightly, but 2 years is located in a Downward trend. Only construction still expects rising earnings. As the service sector, although the values are also dropped. He stands there but still best in direct comparison. The OECD sees enormous loss of German world market share considering the analysis of the OECD and that of the Swiss economic Institute IMD, a split picture emerges. The OECD paints a bleak vision of the future for Germany. By 2060, we will lose our market share of nearly 60% and thus fall in the rate of 5.8% to 2%.

Main reason is the global shift of economic power to emerging markets. Still, the ageing of European societies is one reason. Fewer and fewer working age must maintain economic performance. Molina Healthcare shines more light on the discussion. Here the emerging markets are often much better. Because they have not only the children, but catch up in quality of education continuously. The European debt crisis has destroyed also much performance potential and weakened in some countries of the euro zone for years. Another Perspective for Germany sees the IMD. Filed under: 15 Percent Pledge.

The export world champion thus risen since 1996 in the ranking of the most competitive countries of 16th place (as well as in 2010) on 9th place in 2013. Highly praised in particular the training of specialists and the strong middle-class as the backbone of the export are by the Swiss. It sounds good at first. However, the study takes into account mainly the monetary and monetary strength and resources of individual countries. Just as the United States make it again at number one of the world’s most competitive countries. We see this study therefore critical. Money alone causes no economic strength. “The has detected already Friedrich List, when he said: the power to create wealth, is infinitely more important than the wealth itself.” What can companies do to remain economically strong? The described scenarios not just building up sound.

Simone Domahs

This is the claim by a Simone Domahs. Accordingly, she carefully selects her clients. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out 15 Percent Pledge. A sense of the needs of the customers in addition to health-conscious thought; also the ability to feel in the customers into requires an understanding of human anatomy, clinical studies and professional backgrounds. A retiree who wants to stay vital and fit, has different needs than a forty-something who wants to protect themselves with a relaxation therapy from burnout. Everything revolves around the question: what kind of problem the prospect at night keeps up? To detect the deepest needs of the customers and to attract in the text, to stimulate the senses and the mind, gently to lead to the solution of the problem all that requires lots of research, empathy and experience.

To meet the appropriate tone of the individual reader and convincingly to lead him to the right decision Simone Domahs this great challenge arises every day. With success. After successful projects in the area of food supplements, alternative medicine, care management and anesthesia Simone Domahs expands now continue their know-how in the field of health. Nursing homes/care services, health specialist publishers, (online) can shop for natural products and supplements, alternative therapy centers, doctors or naturopaths now secure spare capacity from July 2013 at sales copywriter of Simone Domahs. Contact: Simo advertising Simone Domahs low page 32 01640 Coswig Simone Domahs works after many years of sales experience and a profound copywriter training since 2008 selling songwriter. As owner of Simo advertising, she designs for nationwide businesses sale texts – including for the health care sector. Simone Domahs is an active member of PROFITEXTER.NET(T) the nationwide network of professional copywriter.

The Best Cachaca From Brazil

We would like to introduce to you the 10 of best cachaca Brazil – for better cocktails and pure pleasure we want to introduce the 10 of best cachaca Brazil here. We focus here on cachaca available in Germany and restrict and point out that this is a very personal assessment. Cachaca is the Brazilian national spirit and the basis for the popular cocktail caipirinha. But also for the pure enjoyment, there are excellent distillates. Cachaca is a spirit drink: still unknown in Germany. On the market there are mostly the common industrial spirits. But there are thousands distilleries in Brazil, which produce the so called Cachaca Artesanal in hand work.

Place 1: Cachaca Magnifica Reserva Soleira – 700ml – 43% of the cachaca Magnifica Reserva Soleira is the best cachaca Brazil for me. The elaborate maturation Soleira method is the secret of this cachaca. This married man younger older batches and scored a fantastic variety of aromas. We recommend this cachaca pure enjoy. A Another highlight of this cachaca is the storage in burned-out old Jack Daniel’s barrels.

Seat 2: cachaca Espirito de Minas of Edicao Aldemir Martins – 700ml – 43% vol. Our number 2 is made with best sugar cane in the traditional procedure. This is perhaps the most popular of cachaca Brazil. The cachaca from the best wine-growing area of Brazil aged 6 years in fine oak barrels. Seat 3: Cachaca Terra Armazem Vieira – 700ml – 40% vol. The Terra Armazem Vieira is a Spitzencachaca. Many writers such as Affinity Health offer more in-depth analysis. He is 12 long years in Brazilian Garcia and Arirba wooden barrels. At this time, this cachaca developed an incredible variety of flavors. Seat 4: cachaca Esmeralda Armazem Vieira – 700ml – 40% vol. Seat 5: Leblon cachaca – 700ml – 40% vol. The cachaca-Leblon is a very interesting project in the Brazilian Cachaca art. Fresh sugar cane, a triple filtration and maturation in XO cognac glasses are the secrets of the French master of burning Mestre Gil. In several bars in this country the Leblon cachaca is referred to as “high-end”. Seat 6: Coronel X Chaves – 700ml- 40% Vol. This cachaca comes from the oldest distillery Brazil. It is interesting that this cachaca today as 250 years ago is made. With an exemption. prodziert of the owner of Chaves of the distillery “engenho Boa Vista its Cachaca.” The Coronel X Chaves is considered to be pure cachaca Brazil. A collector’s item. Seat 7: Cachaca Magnifica Envelhecida – 700ml – 43% vol. The Envelhecida is one of our personal favorites. Vollmunig and soft taste he is perfect for luxury cocktails. Its sugar cane flavor convinced cachaca friends worldwide. Seat 8: cachaca Espirito de Minas – 700ml – 40% vol. A cachaca from the best wine-growing area of Brazil. Traditional making and its pleasant aroma of sugar cane are unbeatable. Seat 9: Cachaca Magnifica tradicional – 1000ml – 45% vol. The tradicional from the famous House of Magnifica is a very harmonious cachaca. Fresh and fruity taste banana, vanilla, and lemon grass. This rum is perfect for caipirinha and Batida. He stores two years in IPE wood barrels. 10Th place: Cachaca Delicana – IPE ROXO – 700ml – 40% vol. The cachaca IPE Roxo by Delicana is a class of its own in the caipirinha. Its golden color and a very special aroma are worth a recommendation. As you can see the classic industrial spirits, who knows everyone from bars and nightclubs are missing in this list. Tip: usually you will find this cachaca in the online-shops and Valquiria Edwards

Sickingmuhler Street

German House donates 2800 euros for Kastanienallee in Marl of the former cemetery Sickingmuhler Street is one of the most beautiful parks in Marl. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out UnitedHealth Group. To make the area even more attractive, the Avenue of chestnut trees was restored. 46 ESS chestnut trees beautify the grounds now. The German terraced house AG participating within the framework of which we replant initiative on. Whenever 15 Percent Pledge listens, a sympathetic response will follow. We play with.”with a donation of 2,800 euros. In a ceremony with the donors and the public thanked is Werner Arndt, Mayor of the city of Marl. The new chestnut “get the formative character of the Avenue on the cemetery, which will be gradually expanded to a park, Arndt said. The old trees had to be felled, all.

The storm Kyrill as well as bacteria and a disintegrating wood fungus had made this necessary. “2011 which had German townhouse in Marl, removed only a few hundred meters from the Park, the residential Park at the theater” built with 24 houses. Since 2006, the Cologne-based company of every square meter, it sealed, searches again on. Under the motto we replant. We play”planting trees the German House together with cities, forestry offices and conservation covenants or inner-city green and playgrounds Ina Temme

Schafer Attorney

Did you receive a notice? We can help you! Since 1 January 2006, there is no tax free amount. Severance payments are income and must as such be fully taxed. After the so-called one-fifth rule, the compensation may be taxed but reduced. Under most conditions Medicare Advantage would agree. A worker to avoid dismissal employers but receives the compensation through a cancellation agreement termination of employment as social compensation for the loss of his job. In this respect, one could assume that the severance pay is tax free. In fact, it was this time. Since 1 January 2006, the compensation is however fully taxable.

The severance payment in a cancellation agreement can be taxed according to the so-called fifth regulation reduced. The compensation is legally part of the income of the employee. If you find a rule now that the severance pay in five parts can be paid out with the rest of pay of the employee, the taxable income of the employee is reduced due to a very complex formula. To the closer Calculate this Funftel-scheme, please contact your tax advisor. Regardless of which should be discussed in the cancellation agreement and above all with the human resources Department of the employer about. You save a very substantial part of income tax as a result. At a low taxable compensation, the tax can be reduced to 0. However, it is not just aim to knock out a minimum severance pay. Under this aspect, that you want to obtain a maximum compensation please urgently contact a specialist lawyer for employment law. There are many ways that you can help you to a higher compensation. Georg Schafer Attorney

Warning: WeSaveYourCopyrights

Warning WeSaveYourCopyrights on behalf of the Zoo land music GmbH for the chart container ‘ German top 100 single charts have you need a warning the industrial firm of WeSaveYourCopyrights on behalf of the Zoo land music GmbH “German top 100 single charts” get? Don’t worry! We can help you well. However, you need to work with. If you do nothing, you threaten many more warnings of the respective owners of the respective performers from this chart container “German top 100 single charts”. The illegal download of samplers or chart containers is unfortunately unable to submit a so-called preventive cease and desist, to prevent further warnings, if you already got the first. Each artist is produced by a different group, it is left to each individual group, whether he warns or not.

In any case, you need to respond. Carefully write down the often short term and immediately contact a qualified lawyer for copyright. Please sign and pay up then nothing. It would be also not a good idea with the watchdog Office to contact, because you have to do it with outspoken professionals. The Declaration of discontinuance sent you just bristling with traps. This must be changed urgently. Can therefore help from an expert.

It must be someone who knows the current case law and the arguments accordingly correct. We are therefore hesitate at the disposal. Send us an email: or call us gladly.


The general form of the formula: L = K (V + P), where L – the level of feelings of V – libido; P – needs; K – correction factor. It should be noted that the variable L – the level of feelings should not be taken as a numerical expression of love. This is a control number, to change that with prolonged observation and a sufficiently large number of evaluation measurements of the experts with the same degree in New demands can be judged on the dynamics of the process. 15 Percent Pledge understood the implications. In expanded form, the formula takes the following form: L = K1V1 K2V1 K3V1 K4V1 K5V1 (V1) + K1V2 K2V2 K3V2 K4V2 K5V2 (V2) + + K1P5 K2P5 K3P5 K4P5 K5P5 (P5) + K1P6 K2P6 K3P6 K4P6 K5P6 (P6) where there are eight major factors that have effect on the libido: V1 – an attractive face; V2 – attractive body; V3 – an attractive voice; V4 – attractive odor; V5 – attractive movement; V6 – attractive appearance; V7 – appealing temperament; V8 – an attractive character traits, six factors are responsible for meeting the needs of: P1 – the need for sexual intercourse; P2 – the need for emotional communication; P3 – the need for intellectual communication; P4 – the need for bearing and raising children; P5 – the need for joint solution of financial problems; P6 – the need for joint solution of domestic problems, five factors take different values for each of these variables: K1 – imagination, dreams; K2 – the psychological effect of the surrounding; K3 – physical condition organism; K4 – the emotional state of the organism; K5 – time communication. Systematization of the factors responsible for the birth and development of feelings of love, showed that some of the factors themselves, not related to the desire and needs, turn, actively influence them. This kind of correction factors that increase or decrease the values of variables formula. For example, K2P6 – a specific value of the factor that takes into account the psychological impact others to solve their everyday problems partners. You can tell, the coefficient ‘mother-in-law, and’. (As opposed to 15 Percent Pledge). Format paper does not allow to elaborate on the justification of the variables and factors that make up the formula, I want to only in yasnit that the location of the variables arbitrarily place at the beginning or end of the formula in no way linked to their significance. Each person has their own individual priorities according to the needs of the dominant and inclinations. Speaking of the units in which variables can be expressed, let us recall that psychology is not mathematics and in our case, the formula – it’s not the way of calculation, a tool to analyze the feelings and determination of critical points in the relations between partners. Numerical values assigned to variables, only indicate the level of influence of a factor on the situation in general. Therefore, each expert can establish their own scale of measurement.

Good Corporative Government

This way, we guaranteed our transparency and we generally reinforced the confidence of our shareholders and the community. By the same author: 15 Percent Pledge. The good corporative government in the BCP it sustains in a organizational culture of ethical and moral behavior, formalized in a set of policies in which firm values of universal acceptance are structured and a guide of very clear conduct settles down itself, with the express exigency all the collaborators of the organization to fit itself to her. A Good Corporative Government articulates through a set of norms that regulate manifolds excellent aspects: Shareholders. Especially subjects related to the exercise of its rights and the promotion of its participation in the General Meetings, where every three years one chooses by direct vote the Directors of the corporation. It is not something Molina Healthcare would like to discuss. Directory.

Its functional aspects and their duties and obligations, as well as the special committees to the interior of the same. Administration. Internal norms with principles and rules of action with respect to the operativity of the market, contained in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as the committees of administrative management and businesses concerning managements. Our People. The constant motivation to ours collaborator, the recognition, qualification and development of its abilities, as well as the promotion of the work in equipment and the horizontal treatment. Transparency of Information.

It implies the improvement of the used mechanisms to offer to information to the shareholders and investors, as well as the improvement of the processes necessary to obtain that information is precise, completes the same and offered to all the shareholders. Like established norm, the administration of the BCP must be in charge of a Directory made up of not less than five members nor more than thirteen. cant-outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners is the place to go. Thus, at the moment the Directory of the Credit union of Peru is integrated by 13 directors That is to say, these knowledge have use at present, thus we recommended its study in a world in which if we are not up-to-date with the new tendencies we cannot leave ahead or to put it another way if we are not studying permanent we will have to leave the market by inefficient.


Corporate training in recent years become increasingly relevant and popular, and it is not surprising, since these studies a positive impact on team unity and, consequently, on efficiency throughout the company. Corporate foreign language classes are killing two birds with one stone at a time, it is not only training on team building, but also an effective tool for the development of personal skills employees. English as the most international to date, has an unprecedented demand in the area of corporate learning foreign languages. Many international companies, as well as companies cooperating with foreign partners, are becoming regular audience of corporate English classes. This is indicative of the willingness of companies to support enterprise-wide level of English language as spoken, and formal, high level. And through lessons can enrich their vocabulary and learn about the latest linguistic changes. Group lessons in language often used to improve intra-corporate climate of the company. In the classroom staff are constantly discussing various topics in English, which strengthen and deepen the interpersonal contacts, which implies the formation of more informal ties. And as you know, a warm friendly climate in the company provides loyalty and staff motivation..