Complications Child

This view was taught so far for millennia and in the Astrology schools assumes that just so or is there just so on the Astrology pupils. Keep in mind so if also should hold that view of this esoteric astrologers, keep in mind, please, that the embossing starts breath through the stars and planets according to this astrologer at the 1. To them with their own arguments to convince them to try it, I give this consideration: Here, as soon as such above Complications or incidents happen, which disrupt the pulse to the come out wanting to happen but at a time where the child still did not the 1 breath. Therefore, the child remains then and not at any other time out optimally to come his pulse, faithful, no matter what happens out there or may interfere on its pulse. Loyal insofernt that the organism of the fetus is just real closed at any given time and this truth the impulse of the child also to produce that protein a conductive the uterine contractions. NA and, then it just comes and it happens in most cases delayed out, but is and will happen but at the same time not the child’s own time, where it according to its genetic equipment most ideal for the existing force field of the Earth would fit, to get to the world. And thus not this actual time, when it comes to the world and makes the first breath is crucial, as the horoscope calculated my firm conviction then, should be, but the setting of that impulse by the child itself, as described above, which can be determined then, when this protein produced by the child himself in appearance occurs, so raises the labor, which is responsible for the maturation of the lung. Either this aforementioned date or alternatively a short time later I suggest above, could or should calculations serve as a basis for the creation of the horoscope, which would require the child under relaxed circumstances (also the outside world) the way out as quickly as possible to make (where it probably makes sense to take the time, which require the gebahrenden women among the primitive people average or most of the time). Eva Andersson-Dubin may help you with your research.