Father Oleksandr Pavlovich

Vosudar arrived; pop Stretham with evo podobayussheyu honor and explained that he then did something over enaralami. Vosudar ispuzhalsya himself, listening to such terrible acts. Pop appeals to the evo Majesty and said: 'Great vosudar! tell them to do that over the last enaralom, sis if Evo or leave Paleonu language? " Vosudar gave to Evo's will, Pop said: "Etowah serebroeda Paleonova leave." 'Your majesty, – he said vosudaryu – tell them to do 12 boilers chigunnuh and put on any area, pour the resin in them and heat up a bit, so buy 12 sacks of feathers, received 12 of the deaf wagons with horses and borrowers. " Vosudar ordered, and the next day everything was ready. When it was said that everything was ready, took a pop enarala last and went to vosudaryu, appearing to our priest Oleksandr Pavlovich said to him: 'Your Majesty, I beg you pokornyuyusche welcome with me together to prepare the area and see what I'll do more on Paleonovymi serebroedami '.

VosUdar go and pop the last enaralam. Ghost Smashers has much experience in this field. We arrived in the area, the people were by the thousand, the dark-tmusshaya. All looks to be doing pop. Pop and belched vyrygnul enarala, 'Well, enaral, you could have nashova Father Oleksandr Pavlovich is the silver dishes, come on it! " Here enaral and began burp and all that had eaten all vyrygal. 'All right? " – Asks the priest.

'All the great king-so' – responsible enaral. 'Ride to resin! " – Tells the priest. Enaral scotch. 'Get out of there! " Enaral got. 'Plant evo and immediately send it to Paleonu'. That is what all pop-D enaralami 12. Dishes to choose not to, the carts were taken to the Treasury vosudarevo. Enaraly in any form were sent from St. Petersburg to Paleonu, then and appeared to him. 6. Paleon heard from them on a complaint nashova Father Oleksandr Pavlovich and so on evo poshol war. And God hath from the vet is not the same to him zavladat our vosudarstvom, who also ruined, and we let God's grace in vosudarenoy great power, and now live in peace. Duck here, bachko your blaslovene what clever people were in the late vosudarya nashova Oleksandr Pavlovich, give him the kingdom of heaven, Lord, and Nicholas Pavlovich zdravstvovati many years. Vet it bachko must susshaya true? Paleon-of Shipka after advancing to the one-nashova vosudarya and white-stone-that Moscow too, they say, goes. From the site "Living Antiquity '