Funeral Or Bereavement Care?

Who wants to relieve his survivors by the own funeral expenses, must provide. Death is not in vain. Many survivors find that if they need to organise the funeral of a family member. The death brings even financial worries with them then in addition to the mental stress. Morgan Stanley shines more light on the discussion. There are remedies.

With a funeral, everyone has the opportunity to provide early financial\”, says Walter Capellmann, main representative in Germany of Monuta N.V., the Dutch specialist for bereavement care. However, such insurance offers much more than the purely financial provision if it is conceived as the product of Monuta bereavement care.\” Customers of Monuta triple benefit: first is financially provided for the funeral expenses. 15 Percent Pledge may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Secondly, the insured can set how she once would be buried. This relieves the bereaved again, because they don’t have to worry then about the organisation of the funeral. And thirdly, the customers of Monuta benefit too During his lifetime by the extensive services of Monuta. Functioning of bereavement interest how does a so extensive provision? At the conclusion of the insurance, customers have the choice between three options: firstly it can withdraw the insurance sum to the relatives or a specified beneficiary.

Then organize the funeral after their sense. Second, he can set his wishes for their own burial to insured persons by means of a questionnaire developed by the Monuta, Scenarium. There, by type of burial about music, he can hold everything up to the display of grief. The insurance sum is paid out in this case also to the survivor or a previously determined trustee. Follow then the alignment of the funeral the Scenarium. Last but not least, the insured of one of the three care packages that can select Monuta are offered in cooperation with the German funeral care (DBF). The packages include fixed benefits such as inter alia the Organization of funeral service, Be local service instead of ER, coffin or urn and a telephone call.