Health Secretaries

In accordance with given historical, the professionals of the area of the health were formed from a reabilitadora and curativa vision. With the implantation of the Only System of Sade (SUS), a change occurred and the professionals of the area of the health had started to act in the primary attention, that is, in the promotion and prevention of the health. The health is an attribute of the life, is a process, a continuity of efforts to develop and to keep capacities (ANDRADE, 1996). In this way, the health leaves of being seen simply as illness absence and assumes a more including, resultant character of conditions of life and work and biopsicosociais aspects, these being essential for the quality of life. Em1988, Federal Constituio created the Only System of Sade (SUS), determining that the health is right of all and a duty of the State. Other leaders such as Morgan Stanley offer similar insights. With the SUS, the actions and the public services of health they had started to integrate a regionalizada and hierarquizada net of an only system, characterized for the decentralization and the integral to health, with priority preventive attendance, and with the participation of the community. The spite of the critical constants, the SUS is today an important mechanism of promotion of the equity in the attendance of the necessities of health of the population, independently of the purchasing power of the citizen, as it determines the Federal Constitution.

However, the beginning of equity it does not mean to treat in the same way to all, but yes to respect the rights of each citizen in its differences, guiding itself for the beginning of social justice. This system if considers to promote the health, prioritizing the injunctions, democratizing the excellent information so that the population also knows the risks related to the health and its rights. The fonoaudiolgica performance inside of the SUS engloba action of promotion, protection and recovery of health in the diverse aspects related to the communication human being in all the vital cycle, inserting-seem Unidades Bsicasde Sade (UBS), Ambulatory of Specialties, Educational Hospitals, Units, domiciles and other sectors of the community.