Hugo Chavez

In that context was the Argentine President who proposed the country as headquarters and appointed to the Patagonian town of Bariloche for this purpose. Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana said on the subject that the installation of American bases in Colombia do not help to diminish tensions and indicated that Argentina has a concern with the presence of extra-regional forces in South America. For us, we have part of our territory occupied by foreign powers in the Falkland Islands, this creates greater sensitivity, said Taiana. Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense, Nilda Garre, said on the eve that the installation of us bases in the region generates concern in the region, and believed these initiatives should not be presented to the rest of the neighbouring countries as a fait accompli. He stressed the achievement of President Cristina of the presence of Uribe in Bariloche, and recalled that the Colombian President refused to discuss the issue in Ecuador. Furthermore Garre noted that they share this concern Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil, which expressed their objections. President alvaro Uribe an actor determinant in their participation in the Summit, as well as it is, President Hugo Chavez de Venezuela, who has returned to again attack the Colombian Government, to speak of war in any aggression that is of obvious what that Summit will also present the need for discussion on excessive spending of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and its links with governments like Iran militaryRussia and China.

The daily clarin reported. com, that President Uribe is prepared without fear to clear all doubts against the agreement with the Government of Barack Obama but to condition to also listen to the views of his colleagues on the way as its neighbor (Chavez), comes filling his country of weapons and links with countries whose Governments are questioned. Venezuela and Ecuador are coming the winds of war which talks about Mr presidente Chavez and the worst thing is that Colombia is the main victim, he added.