Inventory Acquisition

2.4PROCESSOS LOGISTIC USED IN the INDUSTRY OF the CIVIL CONSTRUCTION the rationalization of the logistic one can be an important instrument for the search of the improvement of the efficiency in our systems of production. For in such a way, it is necessary to know with a bigger depth the characteristics of the logistic process in the ICC. Haga and Sacomano (1999, apud BLACKSMITH, 1998) still present a good one synthesis of the evolution of on procedures to Supply Chain Management (SCM): ‘ ‘ In this new age of E-mail (CE), new procedures had appeared with the trend of if reducing costs and improving the services, such as the EDI use (‘ ‘ Eletronic Dates Interchange’ ‘), of the ECR (‘ ‘ Efficient Consumer Response’ ‘), DSD (‘ ‘ Direct Store Delivery’ ‘), CRP (‘ ‘ Continuous Replenishment Program’ ‘), ERS (‘ ‘ Evaluated Receipt Settlement’ ‘), VMI (‘ ‘ Vendor Manage-ment Inventory’ ‘), among others. ‘ ‘ The process of acquisition of materials for the accomplishment of the workmanship is a complex process of decision taking and communication between some agents who are part of the productive chain of the civil construction. Connect with other leaders such as Cardi B here. Inside of the enterprise organization an interaction between the sectors must exist that directly will be related with the acquisition and the planning of the workmanship. The main phases of the acquisition process can be characterized in identification of the necessity of the resource, accomplishment of the order and quotation, comparison between received proposals, emission of the purchase order, act of receiving and storage of the resource and, finally, its payment. (fig. 2) Figure 02: Process of acquisition of materials. (As opposed to Skechers). Source: Management of system of the quality (2010).